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Criterium Pontevedra. It’s hard to beat

The first edition of Criterium Pontevedra has made a lot of noise and entered through the main door in the panorama of national crits, either the success or being one of the more punks and radicals from Spain.

All this thanks to the hard work of the organizers and the sponsor “Don Vito Cochone” who are traveling up and down in Spain, moving heaven and earth, have managed to create expectations and spark that makes this race a big event.

The appointment to the welcome party was at the Fixed & Single premises. Great atmosphere with more than 80 people coming from all over Spain, and the best welcome in true Galician style: Beer (Estrella Galicia, of course) and pie! Damned! During the party, the video of our friends The Roosters were projected to warm up the atmosphere and enjoy it together. Since there more than one ended the night to the amazing Bar Meguante, the weekend began to catch shape!

The Race Day, speaking of national criteriums, everything was ready thanks to an inhuman work of the organization who took care of everything to the smallest detail, even if it meant get up really early and work until late.

What was the biggest concern? The rain, the sky was overburdened and it seemed that it will rain heavily.

Fran Cochone: “At noon, when the tasting of Galician octopus, we met most of the riders and their companions to a mythical place in the city to prepare for the race to the Galician style. It was so good, that could only be crowning one way: with fireworks, and that’s the way it was, because there was a wedding party next door (we’ll throw the myth that it was prepared hahaha!)”

Octopus and beers separately, there were two races to play each other!

Vintage Race

To inaugurate the Pontevedra’s Criterium was the vintage race, a very interesting alternative idea to give the possibility to lovers of classic bikes, which are not few, to show off in a different race as a criterium, although the level of competitiveness is less than that of the main race. The race was controled from start to the final corner by Quique Arias MadCity Rides / La Bicicleta Café and his wonderful Colnago. Entertaining race where you could see a lot of gems ridding through the old town of Pontevedra.

Main Race

Moments before the start of the main race, the first drops began to fall. The tension increased every moment, but there was no turning back.

The criterium began. Despite the bad weather forecast, many attendees were present and some media do not want to miss this show.

The grip of some parts of the circuit (urban) gain relevance with these four drops of rain, due to the type of asphalt, caused many falls, fortunately without serious consequences. There were no women category but even so a huge bravo for Steff Gutovska was the only girl!

The race was a solo escape of Mario Paz Duque who from the first lap, set a pace that no one could hold on. After Toledo, Mario passed again the finish line first and with great authority.

  1. Mario Paz Duque (IRIDE)
  2. Manuel Nuñez (FIXEDLAND)
  3. Luis Junquera (POLOANDBIKE)

Criterium shelved, time to party again … at 12 goldsprints and big party. Many people, and great atmosphere, it is said that people stayed “de carallada” until very late… We want more weekends like this!

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