Snap your ride by 8bar and Constantin Gerlach

Once again the biggest collaborate together. How could it be otherwise, 8Bar and Constantin Gerlach together to bring out a series of photos belonging to the Berlin Fixed Days but with a new twist.

It’s a series of images with an ironic and humorous tone that radically separate the aesthetics of the fixed gear world. Far from portraits, the people pose with their bikes all over the new Krzberg v4 Mint limited edition which it’s the flagship of the Berlin brand until they release the new models.

They have suprised to us with a lot of funny photos, one of it, is the picture of Stefan where he is reading the newspaper with his feet on the handlebars, image reminiscent of the now famous catch of Cartier Bresson at the velodrome.

With this bike and using different wall designs that were preinstalled during the event, they offered a free service available to anyone who would pose for do a extravagant photo. A service to bring the no cyclist public closer to the event but in return becomes a perfect advertising campaign to 8bar.