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Quoc M3 Air: When innovation meets performance

It is nothing new if we tell you that Quoc is doing things really well and that, as a result, it has established itself as a great brand in the cycling shoe market.

We still have our first pair of Quoc Night Lace Up that we purchased in 2017. It was the brand’s first road model and, although they had just started, they already had small details that made them stand out from the rest. With a white upper as the main part, shiny black details, pink laces, and a line with a classic air, our pair of Quoc looked and performed wonderfully.

Now, years later, the firm has a catalog of high-quality products divided between road, gravel, and casual, which positions it as a great alternative to more established brands. Today, Quoc’s most innovative model to date, the M3 Air, joins this family.

The result of a decade of development

More than ten years of investment in the development and research of cycling shoes have allowed Quoc to present this pair of shoes that features the greatest performance, rigidity, and lightness, all without giving up on comfort.

The M3 Air does not simply appear based on Quoc’s internal requirements and preferences. In this specific case, an important part also comes from comments and suggestions from professional and amateur cyclists linked to the brand. They all have a high level of demand when seeking maximum performance on a bicycle and can transfer all that knowledge to the Quoc development team, which led to the fabrication of this new model.

The shoes have been designed with a new shape that combines the comfort and fit of the Mono II, with greater reinforcement in the front part (metatarsal area) and extra space to eliminate pressure. The sole, made 100% out of carbon fiber, provides great rigidity and maximizes the way we transmit the power from our legs to the bike. In addition, the Quoc M3 Air has an innovative insole and different accessories to adapt the arch of each foot to the shoe.

From the point of view of comfort, this model can quickly adapt to the shape of each foot thanks to the material with which it has been manufactured. A fabric derived from polyurethane, very light and resistant to scratches, allows very natural foot movements.

Finally, we would like to highlight ventilation thanks to the different mesh panels that it incorporates and the double dial, whose system is manufactured in-house and favors the stability and fit of the shoe at all times.

Once on the road

They say that the first impression is always the one that counts and, for us, when we received the new Quoc M3 Air and opened the box, we have to admit that it was very positive.

If anything distinguishes the brand from the rest of the competition, it is the design of all its models and the good taste (and daring) when choosing colors. In this case, they are completely white, elegant, without a tongue, and with a very contemporary touch. In terms of weight, they are light since, according to the brand, the unit we tested (size EU42) weighs only 232 g.

Once you start wearing them and, after a second adjustment, find the right position (very typical of shoes with a dial), the first thing we appreciate is how the shoes adapt to our feet. We like the sensations we have while pedaling those first kilometers: comfort, solidity, stability…

We reach the most demanding point of the route, begin a constant climb, and increase the pace. The M3 Air fulfilled what was expected from minute one. The transmission of power in each pedal stroke was not just marketing, but they reacted very well and we did not feel at any time that the foot was loose.

Ventilation is another aspect that we really liked. We spent several hours with them and we felt no sweating at all, especially in those moments of maximum intensity. What in some cases is an advantage, for the winter months or in countries with colder environments it can be a negative aspect and we may be forced to wear booties or toe caps to cover those air inlets.

We returned home very satisfied with this first test, and we must recognize the good work that Quoc has shown with these shoes. Without a doubt, this is another leap in quality in the brand’s history.

As an extra, we would like to highlight that its presence in the world of competition is very high. In gravel, especially, because they were one of the first brands to introduce a specific model to the market (the Gran Tourer) in January 2018, which was a benchmark for the rest of the brands. To this day, they continue to evolve this model and introduce others, which is a sign of their good work. For the road, they have recently presented their collaboration with Geraint Thomas as a brand ambassador. Beyond the commercial agreement that may be involved, it is an interestingly positive aspect that a great figure on the World Tour like him trusts in a brand like Quoc.

Translation: Pol Sopeña