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HJC Ibex 3: Leading performance, aerodynamics and comfort

The South Korean brand HJC, recognized for its long experience in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets, presented last January a renewed version of its star road models: the Ibex 3 and the Valeco 2.

We have had the opportunity to put the Ibex 3 to the test for a long period and the feedback has been very satisfactory. We are convinced that if the brand positions this model at the top of its catalog range, it is for its own merits such as the aesthetics, aerodynamics, comfort, and weight.

HJC’s biggest bet

Part of the brand’s DNA is to bet on the development of new technologies and offer maximum performance in each of the aspects of its helmets. So, in the case of the Ibex 3, they have invested time and efforts to improve the security system, optimize the manufacturing processes, and take a step forward towards lighter materials.

One of the new features of this new version is the SELFIT PRO™️ technology, which combines two types of adjustment. On the one hand, it allows you to adjust the size of the internal grip structure by changing the position of the anchors to the helmet skeleton (5 different positions) to make it smaller or larger depending on our needs. On the other hand, it incorporates a micro-adjustment dial with 11 points that provide maximum adjustment comfort and guarantee a quick adaptation in any situation.

In addition to the fit, the brand also cares about ventilation, something very characteristic of all HJC helmets. The Ibex 3 is specifically designed to allow optimal air circulation around the head through the holes. Thanks to this implementation, they do not require any internal padding which results in a lightweight helmet with greater ventilation for the user.

As it has already happened with other brands that devised their technology to minimize rotational impacts in the event of an accident, HJC has also created its own, an innovation called SLID™️ that has already been applied to their helmets, providing extra security for the user.

Our impressions

From the first moment we put on the test unit for the first time, we greatly appreciated the ease of adaptation that this model offered. First, we adjusted the interior anchors and then we just had to find the right adjustment point thanks to the rear dial. We do not want to leave behind the straps that it incorporates, which are very comfortable to the touch and are matched with dividers on each side and antibacterial pads.

Although on an aesthetic level it does not present many changes with respect to its predecessor version, we can observe slight changes that stand out in this new Ibex. Among them, we would like to highlight the incorporation of carbon reinforcements in the structure of the helmet which, in addition to providing more safety, also give a more sophisticated touch to the front part.

Cycling glasses can be fully stocked on the helmet, and it does not present any difficulty when placing them in the front sockets (or ventilation apertures); at least it has not caused us any discomfort. It is true that, depending on the brand and model of lenses we use, if we choose to wear the glasses in a resting position, anchored to the helmet, sometimes they do not fit well and we have to play a little with the ventilation openings to find the optimum place.

Concerning aerodynamics, it is difficult to measure in the daily life of a normal user whether we save watts or not but, what we have been able to appreciate first-hand, was the ventilation system. Although it is true that we are not yet in the hottest days of the year, we are convinced that seeing how it has worked all this time, it would pass the test satisfactorily.

The racing spirit can be seen in most HJC helmets, in which aerodynamics is very present and plays a leading role. The Ibex 3 is also one of the official models that the Total Energies road cycling team uses during the season, and the riders are an important part of the continuous improvement of the product.

Regarding weight, being a road helmet with an aerodynamic design, we believe that 240 g is a more than satisfactory weight. This positions it very well among its largest competitors, especially if we take into account all the characteristics it has.

At this point and after many days on the bike wearing the helmet, we consider that HJC has found a very successful formula with this Ibex 3. It has a balanced compromise between performance, aerodynamics, ventilation, and weight, which makes it a very valid purchase option.

Last but not least, note that it is available in three different sizes and has seven combinations of color that, in our opinion, are very unique and stylish.

Translation: Pol Sopeña