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United Crews. Chapter I: Terrassa – Cap de Creus

Since the beginning of the RAW’s adventure we have created a bond, some in house, others nearby and some others occasionally at 6.000 km; and as a result, we need to do something that could put together a part of those bonds, something great, unpretentious but big, and thus was born the idea that we were going to baptize as: United Crews.

The aim? Join friends of the fixed gear from different crews and organize a journey with a certain level, beautiful landscapes, a somewhat epic end, immortalize it and, the most important, enjoy and suffer it equally.

The route chosen for the first episode of the United Crews was Terrassa – Cap de Creus, 231 km of distance, a positive slope of 1866m and 9 hours ahead without another pretention than laugh, enjoy the masochistic point that cyclists have and be able to have graphic testimony of the journey, thanks to these great photographers Brazo de hierro and Ori Vermell.

And who could we call to form a part of this? Friends from Terrassa Fixed, Favelaframa, Pedalea o Revienta, Pista Barcelona, and of course, our RAW Santafixie Team. We only missed the indispensable help of some volunteers who could care of the provisioning and we would have all the ingredients for a perfect day.

The adventure began at 7 am, so after put on the respective cycling clothing and check our bikes, we started towards the beautiful landscapes of the Cap de Creus with our best smile.

The first stop was in Blanes. Once the endless N-II that runs along the coast finished, we arrived in this town where we rehydrated in the shade of a beautiful parking, we regrouped with the assistance, and carry on!

As in all adventure, the first problems happened; one of our members suffered a mechanical breakdown in his legs, the descents of the road from Tossa de mar, around km 120, made that a member of the Pista Barcelona started thinking about the abandonment which, unfortunately, took place 50 km later. Even so he drew a positive conclusion; there is a big difference between the velodrome and the street, as Fox Mulder said:“The truth is out there”.

The mood in the Group remained intact although the fatigue started to appear in some of the members, someone more, someone less; but the laughter, shouts of encouragement from our supporters and the desire to reach, could more than the heat and the kilometres in the legs.

Km 170, turning point, comes the lunch time. Almost all endurance cyclist know how the meal feels when you ride more than 6 hours, nothing more to tell…

Km 200… We were approaching the goal, the group already had some nervousness, some long silences and comments getting back a smile. The port ascent that precedes the beautiful town of Cadaques approached, that would be our challenge, you could appreciate it in the air, but we were willing to achieve it.

Finally we reached Cadaques and turning on the left side we could see a sign that was written Port Lligat, way to our destination, the lighthouse of Cap de creus. This chapter deserves mention apart from, the uphills that we were facing at this point weren’t suitable for all people. Without losing sight of the lighthouse, we were riding excited the last kilometres of this trip, hard kilometres and which contributed to leave a great taste when you reach goal. ACHIEVED!

Laughs were coming back, started the hugs, the selfies and that feeling of, please forgive us for the expression: “You’ve got the balls and the smarts!”.

The objective was fully accomplished; the best description is that in these lines you can count several times the words laughs or smiles. And it is the main reason to be a member of the United Crews, and it seems that it’s only the beginning.

Thanks to all who made that great day possible: the riders, the friends who attended us and, of course, the photographers who enjoyed like us.

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