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Iberian Bike Messengers Championship (CIMB)

In an age where the daily occurrences are the depilatory bands and lycra, we are very happy to hear again news about hairy, loud and never forgotten, the bike-messengers world.

The Iberian Bike Messengers Championship (CIMB) comes back, and this time it comes back on a large scale. It will be held in Madrid and the show will be assured!

Messengers! Take note: The date chosen is the second weekend of June, more accurately, 10, 11 and 12 June. It is expected to messengers around the territory and many other parts of the world will attend it.

Looking a little bit more in depth, the CIMB 2016 is divided into two main races which will be carried out at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid:

  • Main Race / Race Messengers. Simulating the daily of a messenger, the race consists of several checkpoints where messengers have to go from point to point as quickly as possible; it takes place in a closed circuit like a CX race with obstacles such as stairs. Cargo-bike category included.
  • Criterium of fixed gear. The race is in a closed 1.5 km and 22 laps circuit, and the only aim is that nobody overtakes you.
  • Bike-polo championship

And if that were not enough…

  • Photographic exhibition with snapshots of previous editions, video projections, and goldsprints in the center of Madrid, less than 15 km from the race place.

From RAW Cycling Mag we do not see how best to support this project to offer our magazine as a platform for all initiatives that promote bike-messenger international community.


More info and registration on: http://cimb2016.com

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