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In Focus: Twila Federica Muzzi

Who’s Twila Federica Muzzi?

“Since I was little I was passionate about photography because of my father. He had cameras at home and he whenever he shot something then loved to share with me those photos (usually flowers, landscapes, street art). So at first, I wasn’t into sports photography. I ran into Giro, Tour, and Vuelta while zapping but didn’t know anything about it since I met my ex-boyfriend (who’s a cyclist). I went to his races and as I love photography I took the chance to discover this kind of photography, the cycling one. I fell in love with it. The idea of being able to stop something so fast intrigued me. And the faces, oh the faces after the race. I love them. They can tell you a lot. They say things that if you don’t shoot at that moment you would miss.”

What do you really love about Cycling?

“Riders. They amaze me every time. The passion, the determination they put into what they do. I often did the same climbs on foot looking for the right spot..and believe me it’s hard so I think about them and I’m just speechless. What I do like also are the people, the atmosphere. It always surprises me how people can be so passionate about it. Doing km, early wakes up to see them for a split of a second. The funny thing is that I am one of them too, it’s all about being a little bit of a fan inside.

Cycling is like a big family and I feel a part of it.”

What is your favorite part of cycling races?

“The first and the after finish part. I like to show people what they can’t see on tv or at the start. Showing the “What’s going on before and after the race”.”

Do you prefer the Classics or great tour races?

“Hard question. I love them both..they’re two different kind of races. Work-wise I would say Great Tour because you have more chance to shoot and each stage can give you a different shot everytime. Different finish. While single day race as a classic gives you THAT shot. That winner. But the atmosphere there it’s a whole different story. They’re felt more and more and I love it. So I would go with the Classics.”

What about your experience in Belgium? You have been in RVV, Paris Roubaix, etc… It was your first time there?

““I’m loving it”. I’m in Belgium till Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Luckily this year (my first actually) I made to do all the classics and I’m so happy about that because as you know I’m young, still improving my photography and well, it’s pretty hard to get to those kind of races so I’m really proud of me.”

What do you try to capture in all your photos?
“I try to capture the details in a rider, a look, a certain kind of a move. The things that usually are not seen or maybe missed! Not the usual cycling shots for a newspaper you know? I shoot 1000/1500 and more photos x race because you don’t know what can happen, so I shoot and shoot as much as I can! Then it’s time to edit the shots and most of the time I’m surprised of them and feel satisfied. So I hope to let people have the same feeling as me. Satisfied when they see a picture of mine.”

What’s your favorite camera to work?

“I don’t have a fav. Camera actually. I started to use Nikon because my father gave me his ones in the past so when I had to change the gear I stayed loyal to this brand because I get along well with it.”

Tell us about your references as a photographer… 

“My fav photographer since I start to shoot cycling, the ones that I aspire to be like, are Jim Fryer (@brakethrough_media), Russ Ellis (@cyclingimages), Chris Auld (@cauldphoto). When I started to shoot pro races, I always looked at their Instagram posts and I was and still am stunned every time (I even have their websites on my google favorites. I looked at their photos and thought “How good” – “OMG! Look at this pic” – “I want to be like him” – “I want to learn from them”. The good thing about this is that now I can call these guys my friends and colleague.”

What’s your favorite place to ride?

“Well, I used to play volleyball and basketball..no rides for me. But would love to! One day in the near future?! It’s been quite a lot that I don’t do sports.”

Do you have any motto for your daily life?

““It’s all in the details”. It’s all there.”

Thanks to…

“I have to thank my family that supports me every day in this not simple journey. The ones that believed in me since always like Jim Fryer, the guys from Stanley Street Social, Valerio, my friends and some of my colleagues. But I want to thank myself also. For never giving up. When it was, it is and will be difficult.”

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