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Posedla Joyseat 2.0: Elevating Cycling Comfort

In the world of bespoke bike components, Posedla has been revolutionizing the cycling experience, bringing the first and only custom 3D-printed bike saddle to the market. For nearly two years, Joyseat has been embraced by cyclists worldwide for its promise of pain-free rides.

Just over a year ago, we had the opportunity to sit down with the founders of Posedla to discuss their vision, challenges, and aspirations for the future of cycling comfort. In that in-depth interview and customer journey review, we explored the genesis of the company and their flagship product Joyseat, gaining insights into the company’s ethos and their commitment to crafting saddles that prioritize both comfort and performance. If you missed that article, fear not. You can catch up on the full story here.

Fast forward to today, and Posedla has not only fulfilled their promises but exceeded expectations as they launched a refined Joyseat 2.0 just recently. Gathering extensive feedback from their riders and ambassadors, they were busy working in their lab to incorporate those insights into the new product iteration, promising even better comfort and broader customization options. They’ve also introduced a custom saddle tailored specifically for TT/triathlon, catering to the needs of performance-oriented cyclists.

Design improvements for the 2.0 version

The development of Joyseat 2.0 was driven by a commitment to addressing the diverse needs of cyclists. By revising the saddle’s shape, Posedla has sought to facilitate smoother transitions between different zones, providing a more seamless riding experience. Furthermore, the parametric design of the nose takes into account individual factors such as thigh circumference, aiming to ensure a customized fit for each rider.

One notable improvement in Joyseat 2.0 is the expanded range of saddle widths made possible through updates to Posedla’s algorithm and advancements in 3D printing technology. This expansion aims to cater to a broader spectrum of cyclists, from those with narrow sit bones to those with wider ones. The range now counts 40 possible widths from 130mm to 170mm.

Responding to the demands of riders in more aggressive positions, Posedla has reduced the saddle length by 11mm, optimizing surface area while maintaining comfort. Additionally, enhancements to the relief channel connecting the nose to the sit bones aim to provide greater comfort during position changes.

In terms of weight, Posedla has managed to reduce the weight of their narrowest road saddles by 15% through refined carbon fiber layering and data optimization. While weight reduction was not the primary goal, this improvement demonstrates Posedla’s commitment to enhancing performance without sacrificing comfort. The weight now starts at 145 grams.

Streamlined production process

We met with the Posedla team recently again, learning that the startup has taken a step forward with a transition to new production facilities. That allowed them to streamline not just the saddle itself, but most importantly its manufacturing process, reducing the average lead time to just six weeks. Their craftsmanship is nicely depicted in this video.

Moreover, Posedla has extended its satisfaction guarantee to 60 days from delivery, allowing riders ample time to test their Joyseat 2.0 and experience the difference it makes firsthand.

Lastly, as presented two days ago, the Czech company has partnered with The Service Course, so their new saddle will be on display at this world-famous bike shop in their Girona store.

As we reflect on the evolution of Joyseat from its inception to the release of Joyseat 2.0, it’s clear that Posedla remains dedicated to innovation and improving the cycling experience for riders worldwide. Whether you’re a casual cyclist or a seasoned enthusiast, this customized saddle offers the promise of enhanced comfort and performance on every ride.