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Shimano RX8 and RX8R: Comfortable, performant, all-terrain footwear

We all identify the electric blue cycling shoes as the high-end road or MTB S-Phyre shoes from Shimano, not only for their looks but also for their high performance. When they released their gravel-specific GRX groupset they also added a full set of clothing apparel including the RX8 shoes. Now, Shimano is launching a new and improved version of the iconic gravel shoe coming in several colors and two formats, the RX801 and the RX801R, both with an enhanced carbon sole, a distinct sharp seamless look, more protection, and tighter fit for more comfort and higher performance.

The performant RX801

The major update of the new model is its more breathable design and stiffer carbon sole that allow a greater force transmission from the rider to the bike. With this, Shimano has chosen to combine the best of both road and MTB worlds in a shoe that, despite being stiff, allows you to walk and hike-a-bike with no problem. The sole has some rubber knobs that allow you to pass the complicated gravel sections off the bike and push your bike on foot without any complications.

The gravel allrounder shoe has been optimized for all kinds of riding situations, no matter if you are a pro-cyclist, you like to go on bikepacking trips, or you just go on the weekly weekend ride. These shoes adapt to all your gravel expeditions. From wide and easy gravel roads to technical uphill single tracks, these will give you the best comfort on and off the bike

The contact area has been enlarged and the heel structure has been reinforced giving more stability to the whole shoe, which translates to a better feeling with the bike. Besides, the upper of the bridge has been improved, giving an optimum fit during your long rides or short rides thanks to the new BOA® Li2 system and a velcro strap at the toe level. In addition, Shimano’s DYNALAST technology ensures your foot is locked in place, while a stiff and lightweight carbon composite sole enhances every pedal stroke for a smooth and powerful performance.

The general look of the shoe is neat and clean, without seams and just tiny holes all around to ensure adequate breathability but avoid undesired debris in the shoe. This model comes in different sizes, with half numbers, and two feet widths to adapt to each rider. Besides, the shoes are furnished with sharp graphics, either black, silver, or with tropical vegetation, so no excuse to match your bike. The average weight is 268 g for 42 EU.

The tough terrain RX801R

What if you like to go beyond but still remain safe and protected in comfort? Then the ‘R’ version is your go-to. With the same features as the RX801, the RX801R includes a tight ankle sock seamed to the shoe that wraps around your ankle and increases the protection against sand, dust, and pebbles.

The integrated mesh eliminates the socket between your foot and the shoe to avoid turning your shoe into a bucket for all the debris in nature. This will protect you from the elements and provide unmatched comfort over long rides, you will be prepared to go anywhere, anytime. So just focus on enjoying your ride, as the ankle knit is designed to keep water, dust, and little particles out of your shoes.

Compared to the RX801, these shoes are just 22 g heavier, with the same fitting system and sole, so practically the same performance and comfort. And, even though they also come in many sizes and two feet widths, they only come in a metallic orange finish.