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Speedvagen Experience by The Service Course

When we cook using quality ingredients we have a very high percentage that the result we get is a success.

That is the case of the Speedvagen Experience organized by The Service Course which, together with the guys from The Vanilla Workshop, ENVE and Ceramic Speed, have created this unique project in an idyllic place for cycling such as Girona and surrounded by the maximum quality: top bikes, incredible routes, the best food and the lifestyle that gives us this magnificent Catalan city. An unforgettable week captained by the former professional cyclist, Christian Meier and his team.

We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with them and share this new experience, which left a very good taste. It’s a very successful alliance that, for sure, will give very good results.

We talked to Christian about the project and this is what he told us:

Who was the mentor of the project?

I have owned a Speedvagen for some time and when they were coming to Europe they reached out to me help them with some advice about where they should go for their fitting tour. After meeting them in Girona we started talking more about offering clients a complete experience, riding the best bikes in one of the best places to ride in the world. They loved the feeling of Girona and we got along very well, we focus on providing clients with and elevated product, be it bikes or services so we decided to work together to build something truly unique. For us it is fantastic, where else in the world can you rent a Speedvagen, with full Enve, Dura Ace and Ceramic Speed upgrade?

What do you expect from Speedvagen Experience?

For me the Speedvagen is a way for us to offer a truly unique experience, riding incredible hand built bikes on some of the best roads in the world. My idea to offer people the opportunity to try something different, steel still has a stigma about it and many people don’t understand how awesome modern day steel bikes can be!

“The Speedwagen Fit Tour is an excellent venue for ENVE. We have worked with Sascha and Speedwagen since day one, they were one of the early adopters of ENVE, and many of their customers opt for ENVE.  The highly-personalized customer experience offered by the Service Course is 100% in line with ENVE’s mission, and we feel very at home with Christian, his staff and of course the other brands he works with. The Fit Tour ties all of this together and provides us a platform to talk directly with our target customer.” Ken Bloomer, from ENVE.

What can feel the members who are part of this experience?

This trip is for everyone, we had Speedvagen owners who came just to ride, we had customers who are buying and wanted to get the fitting done and we had people who didn’t even know the brand but everyone walled away with a great experience. We had dinners together, rode together, drank coffee together and many left with new friends, this for me is a good experience.

Is this project more than a cycle tour?

Yes, it is very much, we had some other great partners involved with Enve and Ceramic Speed so there were also things to learn. I want people to feel at home and like a part of group of friends and less like a tour.

“The best part of working with the Fit Tour and the Service Course is that we have a direct relationship with our customers, having not only the opportunity to talk about wheels and bike builds, but to get to ride together in incredible location like Girona, and share experiences like the dinner with Henrik Orre, the VeloChef. Many of the people we meet on events like this are not just customers, but become part of the ENVE family.  We will see them again or meet up them with many times down the road for rides, coffee or beers, sharing more experiences in other great locations. It is truly unique and special.” Ken Bloomer, from ENVE.

What do you think about the brands that are behind this project?

All the brands behind the project have a similar mentality, building serious products build to be ridden hard but always with having a good time and enjoying along the way! That is always the most important.

The Service Course is making a cycling revolution in Girona and also we could say in Europe.

You are being a world reference as cycling shop, what do you think about that?

Well that is good to know because that is what we set out to do from the beginning, our goal was always to try be a reference in the world, not only Girona or Spain, if this is how you think you have already limited yourself. Doing something different is always how try to do business. Staying on your own path is not always easy but if you really believe in what you are offering you must keep pushing, don’t focus on what the others are doing and working fucking hard!

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