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Successful CIMB 2016

Earlier this year we announced that 2016 would be full of events related to bikes, urban cycling and races. So, CIMB 2016 was one of them. Iberian Championship of bike messengers came back again this year full of news.

A few days ago we were in Madrid to attend this great event dedicated to the messlife and their community. We saw parties, alleycats, races, criteriums, many prizes and above all, a very good atmosphere among the participants who came from different parts of Spain and some other European’s neighbour countries.

Here some words of some friends who were there present and formed part of the Championship:

MAIN RACE (by Daniel – Apinyó Bicimissatgers)

“CIMB 2016 has been one of the best experiences in races I’ve had so far. The Championship brings together all the qualities that a race should have. Think, react, dose, tighten, endurance, orientation and organization.

The atmosphere was great the three days and the staff was exquisite! More organizations are needed as in this Championship and do races focused on the bike-messenger more often.

Some words from a bike-messenger.”

CARGO RACE (by Simón – MBP)

“The first CIMB was organized in Madrid in 2009 and since then I’ve never lost an edition, except for one that I still don’t know if it took place or not in Portugal. What I would like to mean is that I’m a fan of this Championship and everything that surrounds it. But my Messenger days ended some time ago, namely when I started working more seriously in My Beautiful Parking.

It seems that somehow the planets have aligned themselves and made three key events in my life that have allowed me to come back to the CIMB once more:

1. I left MBP.

2. To close a cycle of six years of work, Nico (MBP), gave me as a present a cargo Omnium; I am extremely grateful and I think is an amazing bike.

3. The re-emergence of the event after a few years of drought

All this made me signed up twice to the Cargo Race of CIMB 2016 without thinking.” 

About the Race:

“The race used the same route as the Main Race: same roads, same obstacles and same shortcuts… and basically the same rules. The main difference was that the cargos had to carry all type of load, this caused that we had to ride with more weight and lose more time at the time of place “the merchandise”.

I had a great fun during the race, the environment of the checkpoints, the format of race, the good vibes with the others riders… The rest is thinking, ride and not make mistakes. My “problem” was that I made a few.

After finishing the race with a hard route (gravel, dirt tracks, curbs, and endless uphill) it has been clear that the cargo-bike is the best bike for it. You can take the House back and you can still ride perfectly into the same sites as a normal bike. “

CRITERIUM (by Toni – RAW Santafixie Team)

“It was a fucking hard route of 2 km and with important slopes that you were exposed to a continuous wear lap to lap. It could not allow you an error with the chosen gear and cog because if not, we would pay a lot this error (that was my case… ha, ha, ha).

On the other hand, as well as demanding, also was a circuit technically amused, due to the large number of variants that had: cross a tunnel, straight where you reached high speed, fast curves, etc.”

Finally, we’d like to congratulate the Organization of CIMB 2016 for organizing a very full weekend and with the bike-messegner figure as the main protagonist.

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