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Tailfin Top Tube Packs: Small packs, big adventures

Existing top tube packs often fall short in design and functionality, leaving riders with a suboptimal experience. With their new range, Tailfin aims to eliminate these issues and annoyances and offer a complete selection that caters to all types of cycling disciplines.

“Our number one core principle is innovation, and we only release products once we have developed a product that outperforms every competitor in every requirement”, says James Bracey, head of marketing. Their most relevant product until now is their AeroPack, which turns heads every time we use it for our own adventures. Although it is a flawless solution, it is more suitable for a proper bikepacking trip, so the Top Tube Packs from Tailfin have just been launched to serve the storage needs of shorter outings.

Improved magnetic closure

The most innovative aspect is the magnetic closure which, even if other brands had already put it on the market, had never been tested and perfected like this. This new range has been two years in the making, from the initial planning and prototyping phase to production. We still remember when at Eurobike last year James mentioned the new range of products they were developing, and we have been looking forward to this moment since then.

Most auto-lock styles can leave you second-guessing if they are really shut, not ideal when riding over bumpy terrain. Aware of this, Tailfin has created its own Mag-Lock, featuring a mechanism with both mechanical and magnetic closure.

“It’s one of the most satisfying pieces of technical design we have created. Just don’t ask how many prototypes were tested in its lifecycle!”

These packs have also a zip-closure version, with an internal structure that allows one-handed operation and ensure that the pack doesn’t move whilst opening or closing the zip.

Problem solver

Both types of top tube packs have come to life with the purpose of solving the problems of already existing bags, like instability, knee rub and frame damage.

Not all bike top tubes have the same shape, and many existing packs do not fit well when it’s either trying to grip narrow-diameter steel tubing or oversized carbon and alloy tubes. Tailfin’s V-mount technology, already present on the downtube packs of the brand, has been updated for this new dedicated use, forming a robust structure that remains locked in place regardless of riding conditions and terrain. This system is a combination of rubber pads, abrasion-resistant and grippy TPU straps, and the internal “taco shell” as they call it. This has allowed them to create a high-volume top tube pack and still guarantee complete stability even when used on smaller-diameter frame tubing. With this solution there is no need for a stem/steerer tube front stabilizer strap.

Both frame bags and top tube bags are prone to rubbing depending on our natural spinning movement. Some of us ride with our knees pointing inwards, so we need more clearance. The people at Tailfin knew that eliminating knee rub across all sizes of top tube packs was impossible, so they focused on creating a multitude of volumes appropriate for different riders/bikes. For example, Tailfin’s 0.8-liter Top Tube Pack is the perfect solution for those riders.

We also know the feeling of arriving home after a big adventure and realizing that one of our bags has been constantly rubbing the frame, leaving a mark forever. Tailfin claims that thanks to the V-mount system, a Tailfin Top Tube Pack will not cause any problems even on multi-day expeditions in the worst conditions.

“You could apply lots of tape to protect your frame or just mount one of our packs instead”

This new range of products is waterproof. The 3D welded construction process eliminates any potential points for water to get in, and all zips are fully waterproof.

Sizes and mounting options

The flip-lid version of the Top Tube Pack is available in two sizes: 1.1 and 1.5 liters. On top of those two options, the zip-opening packs count with a 0.8-liter version.

All Tailfin Top Tube Packs can be mounted using the supplied TPU straps or direct mounting with bolts with compatible frames, so no need to purchase two different versions for different bikes. All packs are shipped with a variety of replaceable straps to allow mounting to both skinny steel tubes or large-diameter mountain bikes.

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