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“The not knowing” film by TSC

A few weeks ago we published what will represent a new stage for The Service Course project but, as we already told you, this evolution not only translates into an expansion, growth and new services, all these changes are also followed by adventures, discovering new routes and offering new tours.

The year 2020 begins with the official release of “The not knowing” film, in which Christian Meier and Peter Gaskill go out to ride part of the Silk Road with their bicycles, in the Pamir Mountains, in Tajikistan. An incredible journey with their gravel bicycles through a wild, inhospitable, rugged, yet impressive and beautiful landscape. Undoubtedly, one of those experiences that one does not easily forget, not only because of the route, but also because of the culture, the difficulties of traveling to a country like this and, above all, the terrain and the weather.

“I think we get too comfortable in the way we live. We need to break that mould every now and then, and see that there are other ways of living. We need to see these parts of the world a little outside of our comfort zone.” – Peter Gaskill, The Service Course

After this incredible trip, The Service Course team got down to work and they decided to include Tajikistan Gravel Tour in their catalog of bike experiences. You can check all the information about it, dates and prices on their website.

Without further ado, we leave you with the video that Matt Tomlinson has created to illustrate how those days went by. Get prepared to be teleported to a remote place which only a few will have the opportunity to discover sometime in their lives.

Photos by: Matt Tomlinson

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