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The RAW Stories. Discover where you live, explore where you are

People say that the best things come in an unexpected, spontaneous and totally irrational way, and that’s how The RAW Stories was born, a project that was, from the first moment, a real crush.

A few months ago, we were immersed in a process of changes and important decisions within the Magazine. After 4 years of life, we thought it was time to take a new direction at the level of RAW content and focus more on living new experiences, participating in major competitions, traveling in search of cycling paradises, and enjoying adventures on the road and, of course, also gravel.

It is at this point that an idea begins to take shape; initially, it sounded crazy but step by step we were defining until we got something to work with.

We wanted to carry on telling stories in the first person, as we have always liked to do, but this time, we wanted to do it by discovering places around us, explore sites we knew but had never had the opportunity or time to visit them, areas relatively close to home and in which we trusted that we could have a lot of new adventures.

In addition to writing about it, we wanted to be able to reflect, in the best way possible, each one of the places we would visit during the adventures and what better way to do it from our friend’s hands Brazo de Hierro who did not hesitate to accept our proposal and join the project.

We had a question to solve in this magnificent formula and it was resolved thanks to a significant effort on the part of Bellé Cycles who bet on our idea and fully trust in us manufacturing four beautiful steel bikes, customized, with the most suitable geometry for our purpose and personalized for each of the members of the group that would later form The RAW Stories.

“Basically, the project is born from a common need to write our own stories, perhaps in different languages such as communication, photography and frame building.”

Today, and after several months of challenging work in which we have had to overcome great difficulties, the project is a reality and we are already riding like crazy and crossing destinations from an endless list of places that we want to explore.

Special thanks to Brazo de Hierro and Kico Bellé who have joined RAW to make this great adventure a reality. Of course, we also thank all the brands that have trusted in this project and once again they have helped us to achieve it.

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