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The Horta Velodrome shone again

A few days ago we have been to the XXII Trofeu Internacional Ciutat Barcelona, in the Horta velodrome Miquel Poblet, an internationally event considered for the UCI as level one and where riders from all of the world came to get those points that separate them from the world championship.

For the second consecutive year, Barcelona becomes the capital of the track cycling in the country. With its recently renovated facilities and its brand new wood, released just a few months ago, the Horta velodrome showed its best, was at the height of expectations and performed as it already did in his peak years.

With an important participation by some national teams and teams from many parts of the world, the Trofeu, provided to the attendees an unforgettable spectacle. We could see a great performance by Juan Peralta, current champion of Spain’s speed, the Portuguese brothers, Rui and Ivo Oliveria who let us impressed by endurance races, the  Madison world champion, David Muntaner, and the woman Tania Calvo who led all speed races.

The public enjoyed race by race, paying attention to the advices of the speaker and without losing a second of what was happening there. Filled stands as years ago. Cycling enthusiasts, urban cyclists, families and curious, all left there with happy face and having enjoyed the Trofeu.

Regarding the organizers (Pista Barcelona), we can only laud them for what they achieved. We know first-hand that they gave everything for organizing an event like this and improve, if possible, the previous year. They worried about everything, took care of all tiny details and were supported of entities and brands that bet on the track cycling and trusted in this great event.

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