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New Alba Optics Stratos

We are all afraid of the unknown. What we have never tried, no matter how much they have talked about. The same happens for the new STRATOS of Alba Optics. At first, they may scare us, because they are big, maybe too much? Let’s have a look.

I think we could define it as love at first sight. In a few seconds, their large lenses captivate you, as if they did not exist. Fitting and working perfectly with each beam of light.

However, large lenses usually bring great ventilation problems. For this, Alba Optics has found a solution rarely seen so far. A vertical opening, yes vertical, in the center of the lens, avoiding the dreaded vapors that leave us completely out.

Other details that have really grabbed attention, in addition to their large lenses, are: on the one hand, the possibility of exchanging these lenses very easily and the other hand the ability of the temples to adapt to each cyclist’s face. The temples can be lengthened or shortened according to our needs.

About ride sensations, it is quite simple to explain or define, simplicity, due to their lightness, only 24g, and their grip. Once worn, we did not notice any kind of movement. We haven’t had to bother or worry about put them up to our noses. There are no movements, promise.

We do not know if they did it intentionally, but we ventured to rename the new Alba Optics STRATOS to STRATOSpherics.

Friends welcome to the unknown.

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