Still not a bike shop

Team Dream. Their future shop. Their mess. And their plans.

Pasadena 10.08.2017.

“The Cub House” is closed. Surprise! And now what? That’s what we thought when we went to visit Team Dream to their shop in Pasadena. Luckily, we could contact them and they invited us to their new location. Still unopened, in full move and with a chaos between plants, jerseys, water and ketchup bottles and shirts without stamping.

The new location is an incredible place full of possibilities. Or maybe it’s better not to exploit its possibilities and leave it as it is. It’s an old greenhouse full of plants, and still having the aesthetic of having been a car workshop location. A place with lots of personality.

A permanent pop up store?

“The Cub House”, @itsnotabikeshop in Instagram, it has an interesting story, as Carla Alcibar told us. Sean Talkington, founder of Team Dream, was looking for a place to start. Something small, easy and with history. After much insistence (and begging) in 2015 they got the concession of their first premises: an old telecommunication hut that was in disuse. But only for 4 months. And 4 months in 4 months they have reached today. Meanwhile, Team Dream has been growing, known worldwide due to social network and the online shop.

It seems that the passion is contagious. And that’s how they got this new place. When the owner of the old greenhouse died, his family decided not to continue with the business. His son, a fan of cycling and of Team Dream, thought that would be ideal for them. And it is.

Finally, as they say, everything is among friends. Or friends of friends. And for that they remain the joy and the passion of the first day.

A friendly provocation within a world sometimes too serious.

All that they do is a statement of intent.

The effort, the improvement, the technique, the route and the miles (or Km) are important. But it is also having fun, enjoy, laugh at yourself and allow yourself to have a lazy day. Not everything is performance. Sean has this clear. A lover of skateboarding, where everything is valid, wanted to transmit this philosophy to the cycling. And this was the beginning.

Team Dream, is not an epic team where only the best ones fit, they told us. Hence, they inverted the lyrics of the famous Dream Team. They talk about a “Dream Team”, a team where everyone is welcome. It sounds cliché. But according the atmosphere is quite true.

Be Glocal.

Why Pasadena? “Because we are from here”, answered Danny Heeley. Great answer to a great question. But the truth is that there was no need to ask. It makes no sense in the middle of LA. The location gives them access to a huge number of different routes in the National Forest of Los Angeles.

They bet on closeness, quality and “slow fashion”. Everything is designed in California and produced in the USA. Their team clothes have been always made by Endo Customs, a customized brand from Los Angeles.

They also collaborate with Golden Saddle Cyclery from Los Angeles. And with a coffee shop in Santa Barbara called Breakfast, which follows a similar philosophy but linked to the surfing world.

The local spirit, close and friendly, is that has made them today sell all over the world.

Passion. Illusion and a vision. An example of Start-up or not.

We couldn’t meet Sean, founder of Team Dream, but he was present with a rose in his mouth, a bottle of champagne in one hand and a stuffed toy in another. Both Carla, Danny and Thibault talked about him looking at the picture, as if he were suddenly giving his opinion. It was comic, but within the “lost in translation” helped us to get an idea of ​​who Sean is. Definitely charismatic and with a great vision.

Behind this Team what you can feel is passion for what they do. A 24/7 job that is not work. A story a little romantic but real. The typical Start-up that is not anymore one, but does not want to lose that spirit.

Their secrets (for a brief time)

Is there anything that we cannot take a picture? ” We asked. “No, you can have a look to what you want. I guess our secrets are out there … but you must know how to see them! Hahaha”. Between bags, hangers and boxes, we saw the new collection (keep in mind, because it will be coming soon). Although we also unwittingly take another of their secrets. And this one we can tell you: 2510 Mission Street. Pasadena, California.

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