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Time goes by and little by little we all try to return to the post-pandemic new normal and, with it, events begin to resume their activity. This is the case of Bike Connection Agency that, after a hiatus, have been able to return to come back with their “press-camps”.

In 2019 we had the opportunity to participate in one of the first editions. We were able to get to know the project a little more closely and we were delighted with the format. The idea of ​​bringing together different brands and media outlets in the same place, organizing private meetings, and being able to test products on-site, is synonymous with success. If you also manage to create a friendly environment, generate networking and make long working hours dynamic and enjoyable, then even more merit on the part of Simon and Giulio, founders of BCA.

For this occasion, the Road Bike Connection Spring took place in the small town of Massa Marittima, in Tuscany. It is a beautiful area surrounded by nature and full of possibilities for either road, gravel, or mountain bike routes.

Featured brands

Among the brands that participated in this edition, we could find HUNT or Fulcrum. Both wheel manufacturers presented new gravel and road models, thus expanding their already extensive product portfolio.

There were also established companies such as Pirelli and Hutchinson which, together with the previous two, allowed us to test countless combinations of wheels and tires.

Regarding bike brands, both Ridley Bikes from Belgium and the Italian Wilier Trestina were there, presenting some models that have not yet been made public and that will see the light in the coming months. We tested each and every one of the bikes we had access to and soon we will be able to show you all the details.

Last but not least, we learned about the latest news that Lazer has prepared for this year that promises to be a breakthrough in the helmet market. PRO Bikegear also showed us its extensive and innovative portfolio of products, many of them designed for gravel and long-distance cycling. We wrapped it up with the guys at Komoot who delighted us with nice routes and improved map support with their useful navigation and planning tools.