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Bellé Cycles by Enrico Bellé

We have always thought that the craftsmanship and the talent to be able to create something from the start, is something that only a few can achieve it successfully.

Take an idea, make a sketch, choose materials that you are going to work and begin the process of manufacturing. Spend hours of work, less time for sleeping, study each step that you must make, take care to the maximum detail and pamper each piece as something unique to achieve what you thought at the time that you tried to imagine for a moment, and that now it is real, is palpable and, best of all, is made by your own hands.

In case of Enrico Bellé (Kiko), his specialty are metals, he has more than 20 years of experience as a craftsman giving life to projects of all kinds. He has always been linked to the bicycle as a good mountain-biker, but it is not until 2010 when he arrived in Barcelona coinciding with the start of the fixed-gear scene in Barcelona and the resurrection of the brand Rabasa Cycles, which gave him the opportunity to start a new adventure as manufacturing responsible of the new prototypes that the Catalan brand was going to launch as fruit of its re-emergence in the market.

Obviously, Kiko, as rider, Italian, and good metal craftsman, knew the existence of the craft of frame-builder but, despite his great fondness for the bike, he had never thought of this as a future job.

“The first prototypes for Rabasa were a little frustrating because of the difficulty posed by putting into practice the so clear theory that I had in my mind.”

With the acquired basis of self-taught and a clear experience with materials and welds, Kiko began to manufacture his first frames of steel under the name of Rabasa, but from the moment that he accepted this difficult challenge, he had clear that all that effort, in the future, would serve to create his own brand.

Bellé Cycles

After several years working as a manufacturer of frames for Rabasa and for other brands, in 2015, Enrico gave a step further in his career and decided to give life to his most ambitious project: Bellé Cycles.

Installed surrounding Barcelona and taking advantage of the power and the great moment of this city and the bicycle world in general, Bellé makes its way in the market of handmade, thanks to the quality, finish and details of each one of the products made.

“I am sure that the resurgence of the artisans and the use of the steel as material have caused some effect in them big brands.”

Kiko works carefully with each assignment that receives, loves working with geometries and materials, designing a bike from start, considering weight, height and, of course, tastes and preferences of the customer, and always guaranteeing a maximum quality product accompanied by a custom painting chosen and perfectly executed, and most TOP components.

 “The dream of every frame-builder is to have the painters at home. It would allow us to make changes or adjustments in situ, taking advantage of those moments of inspiration and combine forces to achieve something unique.”

His specialty: the steel and the welding TIG. His preferences: pipe Columbus Spirit / Life and Dedaccai for MTB. Even if he has not created specific models for his frames, he performs road, CX, gravel and MTB frames and a multipurpose version between road/gravel with 650B wheels which you will surely have fun.

“The competition is healthy. For me, rather than competition, is culture. We should go all in the same direction and that will benefit to all the collective. Barcelona is leader on bike level and we are building a very powerful and high quality bases.”

After visiting Kiko in his workshop, knowing him more and seeing his job, we are confident that he will have a great future as a frame-builder, master in steel, and he has confessed us that he does not rule out venturing with titanium someday, so don’t miss the track to his work and the trajectory of Bellé Cycles.

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