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Mud Max 2016

Looking towards the Italian scene we always find reasons to write articles and talk about new and innovative things that happen in the world of fixed-gear.

A year ago, we met one of the first examples of track-cross in Italy, a race created for fun, with a punk style and an ideal atmosphere accompanied by mud, obstacles, fixed-gear bikes, and some beers. A perfect cocktail to become a Cyclocross circuit to a spectacle of fall, laughter and competition.

This year we decided not to lose the opportunity to contact the organizers of Mud Max and to get more details about this race.

 “Some years ago fixed-gear bikes are also used off-road. However last year was when we thought in create an event to meet few friends and compete all together, and as such was born what today it’s called Mud Max.”

The first edition of this crazy race was last year and took place in the Idroscalo’s mountain BIKING Park of Milan.

“After the success of the first year, we were aware that this race format had worked really well and that had exceeded all our expectations, so this year we decided to create three more races, as well as the Milan, one in Turin, one in Monza and another in Novara.”

Track bikes off-road.

“Do CX with fixed gear is totally different from what we are used to. In this case it’s more important the balance than the legs. Fall and back flips in the mud are the order of the day in our races; this makes also the public enjoy it.”


“In general the attitude is very punk!” what does it mean? Run on CX with fixed-gear bikes, we put bridles on tires to get better grip, use very light gears, 70 flat handlebars, straps and a compact track frames. Tumbles in the mud, improvised jumps from ramps, all racers with enough beer in their veins and bananas as prize… Blow and Glory!”

The Crew.

“Jack, Tommy and Fedep are those who have created the race format and then Matte, Silvia and Tito have teamed up to help with the Organization and communication. There is a responsible for each city but we try to work together. In addition, several friends from us are caring for the most technical aspects.”

We could say that the essence and identity of Mud Max is: mud, cold, bananas and split chains.

You have to ride during the entire circuit to complete several laps. The winners of each group go to the next phase, and so on until you have the finalists who play it all in a single race.

The people, who already have participated before in this race, often say that if you arrive to the end line with your entire bike, it means that you haven’t given all.

Mud Max’s Calendar.

“This year there is a Championship. The first phase has been in Torino in of the Pellerina Park and the next will be: 17/12 in Novara, 28/01 in Monza and 25/02 in Milan.”

Turinese’s Chronic.

“The first race of the year has been a success: 35 participants and twice as many people came from public to encourage. We had participants from Paris who came on purpose to participate; the Hype was so that both get the victory. Although we were something short of mud, for the next we hope to have much more and perhaps something of snow!”

Some numbers to mode of highlights:

  • 4 broken chains
  • 35 Riders
  • 223 Beers
  • 357 Bananas
  • 900 Bridles
  • 1567 falls from the ramp

Official teaser:

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