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Berlin calling!

Rad Race – Last man standing

We have enough racing behind us, we have seen races of all kinds but, what we experience (one year more) during the Last man standing of Rad Race in Berlin, is hard to feel it in another place. We could say that it is the race where is measured the pulse of the current outlook of the fixed-gear speaking of level of pro equipment and scene more underground. Perhaps this is the key to the success of this event.

By the characteristics of the circuit is required a really good technical level on the bike, explosive strength, and very cunning to not pass you at least slip. It is a real bomb!

This year the race has grown in terms of level of runners. If the last edit was a hard-fought test, in this, the heavyhitter of the European fixed-gear as Team Cinelli Chrome, Supernova Factory, 8bar, and many others who came from different parts of Europe, he did exponentially raise the level of adrenaline in the public and the participants left all to pass each of the eliminations.

From the last edition we still have in mind the epic image of Mario Cranks wheelie chasing a few meters the winner, Max Baginski, literally swallowed by the public at the finish line. This year both have fought with nails and teeth to defend the triumph of the first edition, but on this occasion could not achieve the desired end.

As the famous phrase of Alfred Bobé recites “riding with the wolves“, the last round played Stefan Vis (Team Cinelli Chrome), Sebastián Körber (Schlevdergang), Dylan Longrigde (Schindelhauer-Gates), Augusto Reati (Supernova Factory), Thibaud Lhenry (Team Cinelli Chrome), Mattia Zoli (Supernova Factory), Andrea Pirazzoli (Supernova Factory) and Yvan Mort (Schindelhauer-Gates). They gave a real spectacle. The Karting came crashing down once again thanks to the public who crazed lap to lap. The emotion of each curve, each passing and the driving of these riders was hard to contain.

Finally, Augusto Reati, with an incredible control of his bike won this second edition. The second place went to Andrea Pirazzoli who fought until the last moment with Thibaud Lhenry which finally came in third.

“For me the Rad Race has an incredible ambience and atmosphere, it’s great to feel the energy of the audience so close!! The excitement at the finish line? A single word YEEEEEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!” – Augusto Reati –

Regarding the women, they were not less. This year they have increased their participation with respect to the previous. Female didn’t want to go unnoticed and gave an amazing show. The Last Man Standing is a kind of race in which stands out the technique, explosiveness and intelligence… and a bit of madness, edges that women who run in fixed-gear have very sharp.

The more level riders opened passage to the final, compouned by a Simone Schön (Schleudergong), Johanna Jahinke (0!), Lisa Schröter (Mess Pack Berlin), Simone Schäfczuk (Schleudergong), Mianzi Rei (Schindelhauer – Gates), Claudia Weip (Schindelhauer – Gates), Steff Getuvska (MadCity Rides), and Marion Dziwnik (RSU).

In the decisive knockout the victory was for a sensational Marion Dziwnik who, last year was left tantalizingly due to a fall that prevented her from continuing, this time she has managed to reach the prized position. After she, Mianzi Rei (winner in last year’s Edition) and Lisa Schröter. All of them gave us a fantastic show and an exciting final!

From RAW Cycling Magazine we are very pleased to see how it grows, event after event, the “girl power” in urban cycling!

As the crowd jumped in my way, going nuts, shouting and spraying beer everywhere I realised that they had been sharing the thrill of this crazy race with me from the beginning- it was an overwhelming feeling.” – Marion Dziwnik –

Transcending a little of what is pure cycling, Rad Race Last Man Standing for the second consecutive year we found a perfectly organized event in its entirety, where people come from all over Europe to meet and have fun, where there is good music and a lot of beer… where the competition is the center of the show, but is not the only draw.

Rad Race Last Man Standing for us one year more was tiptop!

Rad Race – Battle Race

Despite the fact that it was not the first Battle that Rad Race has organized, it was the first time that they did it within the Berlin Bike Week.

They organized another major event, as they usually do. They cared for to the smallest detail and made a big effort to everything went perfect. Even so, they had a little problem with the planning but finally threw them over the time, so they had to accelerate the pace of the race to be able to finish on time.

After spending a few rounds and fight for their way among the large number of participants, the winners of this first edition, were:

  • Male category: Max Höflich (Team Fixedpott)
  • Female category: Johanna Jahnke (Team 0!)

Berliner Fahrradschau

Our second year in this great weekend, in which bike is the protagonist. An event that grows closed to urban cycling and little by little will be as one of the most important in Europe.

Some of the novelties of this edition have been the re-organization in the area where the competitions, centralizing them in one place and helping the public will not disband and had the chance not to miss a single detail of the races.

The most important brands of the world of the bike have been present and it has increased by far the number of stands of stores and small businesses who did not want to stay outside to present their products.

To all this must be added to demonstrations, photographic exhibitions, cyclists documentaries, talks, events parallel to the Berliner Fahrradschau and everything what happened during this fantastic weekend.

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