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Border Bash Aragón Gravel Camp: The consolidation of a gravel alternative

As we already announced some time ago, last 20th of April Border Bash Aragón Gravel Camp took place and we had the opportunity to get the first hand experience from @laucyclecoach . Based in the Spanish location of Huesca and without absolutely any trace of competition, the organizers have ignored borders once again with their concept of gravel camp: three days of camp to enjoy a friendly atmosphere, amazing landscapes, and a combination of tracks that are designed to satisfy all levels.

This event stems from the Bohemian Boder Bash which soon will make its fifth edition. Both events are born under the ideal of ignoring borders of any kind -political and cultural- and also to unite people through cycling and enjoying nature. With these origins, Border Bash Aragón positions as the spring and sunny option, compared to her sister in the region of Bohemia on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. This edition consolidates a format that is perfect both to start in the world of bikepacking or rather to go hard with very demanding tracks with a base camp always ready, where one can enjoy sharing the experience.

Location and route

The location of the event was clearly a great success. Huesca is full of natural beauty and contrasts, it is located in the occidental part of the Pyrenees in the Aragon region and at the gates of the Montearagón castle. Long ago, in the middle ages, the hills of this area were the perfect places to control a vast amount of land, and the whole territory was often disputed. The trails and dirt roads that were selected to design the many routes of Border Bash Aragon, extend themselves along those hills, arid plains, and mid-mountain range of the Natural Park of Sierra de Guara, which makes for a very spectacular view.

The number of track alternatives within the official route was also very remarkable. The organizers thoughtfully designed a web of tracks so that it could offer a big number of alternatives of different levels, complexities, and distances. This is actually one of the keys to developing an ambiance of friendship and camaraderie because there was always an option available, the riders were able to plan and share portions or complete segments of the route with other riders, with disregard for their level or objectives.


On the first day of camp, which was on a Friday, a familiar feeling was very present, with plenty of time to enjoy an easy route of 50 km and with the whole night ahead to enjoy the event. A big share of the riders could only reach the camp on Saturday, most of them with the objective of finishing the longest route and then enjoying the night in the camp with the rest of the people. On Sunday, the planned routes turn out to be a bit harder, precisely because of the night activities.

Another remarkable trait of this event was the participation of many women. Quoting one of the female riders, ‘the event was extremely comfortable for the women that took part of the event and it was notorious that the female rider was taken into account when the event was designed’. Among other details, a female DJ was hired to entertain the night, and those are details that actually count, one more step forward to include women in the cycling community.


Finally, as we said previously, this concept had the objective to unite and attract people that wanted to enjoy gravel rides as well as share experiences and culture. For that purpose, the organizers committed a lot of effort to the social side of the event, inviting local rock and folk music groups or suddenly appearing in the middle of a route with refreshments, creating a meeting point to casually enjoy the moment. Because of all that, Border Bash has consolidated this formula as a perfect option for those who seek a balance between a demanding route with spectacular views and having fun with people who share the same passion for cycling, especially gravel.

Text: @laucyclecoach archives
Photos: Border Bash Aragon archives