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DSNV RUNS West Coast

We have seen repeatedly brands that have their own identity, leave us speechless again and again with the work carried out. If a few months ago Mash surprised us with its 10th anniversary video, Dosnoventa is doing the same now with the spectacular video presentation of their last trip: DSNV RUNS WEST COAST.

When at the time we talked with them about the trip that they wanted to perform around the West coast of the United States going over some of the most amazing places in California and, in addition, accompanied by the Gasser’s brothers as filmmakers, it was clear that the result was going to be a real bomb.

They landed in San Francisco, one of the cities par excellence of the fixed-gear, characterized by its steep streets, the trams up and down, and the famous Golden Gate, among other things. After spending several days enjoying and suffering in equal parts due to the gradient of SF, they departed towards the heart of Yosemite to go into the endless forests of this stunning natural park, surrounded by mountains, lakes and plenty of places to explore.

After the calm of Yosemite, they decided to cross one of the warmer areas of the planet, the desert of Death Valley with its landscapes taken from a Martians film, to reach later the city of Las Vegas and not miss the Interbike and some to another party, of course.

The next stop would be Los Angeles, passing through Venice and the Downtown where coincided with the guys from Kushtown Society that used to ride through this gigantic city.

The end of the trip would be San Diego, place chosen by friends of Brotures to open their first store outside Japan, organized an amazing opening and that Dosnoventa did not want to miss.

In this last Gasser brother’s  video (Fabio and Marco), responsible for filming all the adventure, has given a slightly different format, something without losing those moments of action that we really like, but trying to transmit the essence of each place which have been recorded.

Without a doubt, a great job, and one of the best videos of the series DSNV RUNS. We attach you the official Teaser and we wait for the whole video that it will released on March 4th.

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