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United Crews. Chapter II: Terrassa – Delta de l’Ebre

The good feelings that the first edition of the United Crews Journeys left us, which we rode 230 km on our fixed gear bikes along the Costa Brava until the Cap de Creus, the northernmost part of Catalonia, gave cause for organizing a few months later a new expedition. This time was the turn to go to the south.

One of the premises of these journeys is to make a long distance route surrounded by landscapes and to finish in a symbolic place that leaves us well satisfied.

After several proposals, it was clear what would be our next adventure: Terrassa – Delta del Ebro.

For this occasion we had riders of Terrassa Fixed, Pedalea o Revienta, RAW Santafixie Team, Favelaframa, and a very special guest come from the same Mexico City, our friend Alex of Terremoto Crew, taking advantage that he was spending a few days in Barcelona, ​​he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to travel with us.


A few minutes before dawn we were pedaling towards our destination. We left Terrassa and rode the first 90 km through the interior roads of Penedès and always in the company of the fields full of vineyard that characterize this area.

At last we reached the coast and began to leave villages behind. We were eating up kilometers at a good pace and the peloton was organized to save energy and prevent the wearing out due to the wind in some parts of the journey. The laughter, the joke and good cheer, in general, did not stop at any time.

When we carried 140 km in our body, one of the members began to suffer the consequences of a trip like this and, as we saw the head and legs began to fail, we decided to stop to eat and rest up to the village of El Perelló.

We were about 40 km to L’Ampolla, the village that should give us entry to the Delta del Ebro. With a full stomach and properly hydrated (take some beer), we jump to the road, motivated and feel like moving forward towards our goal.

We came to the Delta and the landscape changed completely. Surrounded by rice fields and endless lines, we pedaled steadily to complete the route planned. The time was pressing us and the wind whipped us mercilessly. We had to grit our teeth and make the last effort.

Finally we rode the last 40 kilometers visiting Riumar and the Ebro river mouth in the Mediterranean, the beach of El Trabucador and Sant Carles de la Ràpita, where we put an end to chapter two of the United Crews accompanied by an amazing evening to the beat of the pedal.

Thank all the people who took part of this wonderful journey: riders, volunteers, drivers and photographers. THANKS!

Terrassa – Delta del Ebro
240 km
1.251 m+
9:36 h

United Crews Chapter III … soon!

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