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FAST BROTHERS: Augusto y Vittoria Reati

One of the images that we remain in the eyes of Red Hook Crit Barcelona No.2 is the hug on the podium between Augusto and Vittoria Reati, two Italian brothers of Supernova Team. Humble, sympathetic, sincere and very fast, Augusto close to get their first win and Victoria getting a legendary 3rd place in her first Red Hook. A common passion: cycling. We cannot resist and we went to ask them what their secrets are!


1. This is a “double” interview. Tell us something about your brother Augusto! Especially defects!

My brother Augusto started pedaling as more or less at age 5-6 years, up to the present (like me) still has not tired (hehehe). Augusto has competed in several disciplines, road bikes, downhill, mtb, is a passionate about bikes. About him i like that he knows how to motivate me, his beard and his spontaneity, but when he is in a bad mood is a great “pain in the ass”, he has no patience (hehehe).

2. When your passion for the bike was born? And how you’ve come to fixed gear?

It’s a great passion of my family! My dad was competing, my brother Augusto has also given to me curiosity and passion for cycling, and it was almost inevitable! For me pedaling means freedom, strength and all those emotions that the bike gives me, and I have never found in other sports. Fixed gear bikes? Very simple… one night my brother Augusto took me in a super cool fixed gear bike, and we have been training together, since the first time I was delighted for the feeling that this type of bike gives, and now I’m here! Plenty of fun and doing it well!

3. Barcelona, your first RHC, and you make a podium. Are you crazy? We will see you in Milano?

Hahahaha. As a first experience in a Red Hook is not bad!!

I came from a season with road bike and wise to have a good physical condition, however Saturday race was a unique thrill and in all curves i heard people yelling my name, although it was my first time in a Red Hook, amazing! Public support helps a lot, it is an added value! Of course we will see in Milano! I cannot miss it and I want to surprise you much more!

4. How you feel the bike in criteriums? Do you have your own interpretation? Augusto has given you any advice?

For me is incredible the friendly and festive atmosphere that you can breathe in the criterium, the mix between a healthy rivalry and competition with the typical stress of racing, but also a more relaxed atmosphere with fun and party! I must say that few moments before the start of Red Hook I was a little nervous, but during the qualifying I had seen that in the technical part of the track I could win something and that gave me confidence. Augusto often tells me how to interpret the layout, the correct strategy and which are the curves where you can risk more.

5. You are very fast, what you get to eat at home? Favorite Dish?

Definitely CAPPELLETTI!! Anything out of the ordinary but the grandmothers between piadinas and sweets take care of us a lot.

6. A phrase that expresses your passion for cycling.


7. Thanks to….

Thanks to my brother for supporting me and convince me to run in Barcelona, ​​to my parents for always supporting me at all and Supernova for believing in me!!

AUGUSTO Reati “Built for speed”

1. This is a “double” interview. Tell us something about your sister Vittoria.

Vittoria is the smallest of my sisters and like me she has started very soon to compete in cycling races. She has achieved good results in national road bike racings. This coming year will be the first year in the elite. Often she doesn’t listen and she insists on doing things in the way she want it and sometimes that makes me very angry (hehehe) but she is a ray of sunshine, is a sincere and lovely girl, she doesn’t know to lie but I don’t know if that’s good or bad for her.

2. What a Season! Win in Dijon, 2nd place in Barcelona Red Hook? How are you living this great moment?

Really I can’t complain. The main factor is always fun, in all criteriums I try to have fun and give it all along with my teammates, whether it’s a Red Hook or a local criterium, races makes me feel good, the truth is that we enjoy a lot and the results are the logical consequence.

3. SUPERNOVA. About this you can write a book, what you can tell us about SUPERNOVA and about the team?

I’m really grateful to supernova, we don’t live the team as such, we are a group of friends who participate in races with fixed gear bikes, we have a lot of fun together. We are more of a crew than a classical team. The Bike? Well my bike is a real bomb!! From the first time it gives me an incredible confidence and confidence in your bike is really essential in criteriums.

4. In 2014 Red Hook has achieved this exaggerated level, what are your impressions, you who are in the group of “wolves”?

Sometimes I wonder me too, when you’re there before, no time to think much but the feeling is very good not to see many people in front of you = ) . Incredible is the emotion that gives the cry of the public and the photographers’ flashes rain. Whereas that my first Criterium was the Barcelona Red Hook Criterium #1 where I had to retire with a puncture on lap #5, I’ve seen that in one year things have changed a lot and the level has grown tremendously, among boys and also among the girls, but I think it may increase even more, there are many riders that still have not brought closer to this type of races and the world of crits.

5. Your bike riding style! In the race we’ve been talking about your driving and super- aerodynamic position.

I think my style of driving is directly due to the fact that my bike gives me a lot of confidence, I always try to be the most aerodynamic possible. Lowering the centroid i get more inclination of the bike in the corners. In Crits where there are a more technical track I feel I can make a difference, and when my riding style works in a path is amazing, feeling the bike speed sliding between a curve and another is somewhat exaggerated!

6. You’re very fast, what you get to eat at home? Favorite dish?

No one would say with my thin complexion, but I eat as well and a lot!

My favorites? The dishes of our area, Cappelletti and piadina! My mother, my grandmother and my older sister are the best cooks that I know!

7. A phrase that expresses your passion for cycling.

The wheel turns!

8. Thanks to…

Thanks to RAW Cycling Mag for this interview, Riccardo Mercatali and Alfredo Bosi both managers of our team, who work hard for our team, and undoubtedly my family as always is the basis of everything! Thanks to all the fans and the great support they have given us in Barcelona, ​​amazing! I also wish a speedy recovery to all riders who have been involved in accidents or falls on the last Red Hook, I know how much it hurts and that’s a pain! But we know it is part of the game, “shit happens”.

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