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Simply, Larz

Simply, Larz.

1. Wolvh. What’s the essence of Wolvh? We know that it’s a “small” brand, but what’s behind it? Friendship, passion, fixed, cycling, love for nature… Tell us with your words what’s WOLVH.

Well you already said it all. Wolvh was a brand that stood for an idea, for a view on life that is not simple to explain. You either understood it or you didn’t.

I announced it dead a few weeks ago, but made the decision to keep it up. The team still stands behind it and I’m fucking stoked on that. Right now there’s no projects coming up, but surely in the future. Just look out for it. I still really want to make a kit. Just once.

2. Cycling. Recently I have read a write up that you’ve made about how you discovered your passion for cycling. Really like it… Would you like to tell to our readers? 

I had a passion for cycling since I first saw the Tour de France on TV. Maybe I was 11 or 12, I don’t remember. I grew up with bikes around me. Never raced. Just rode them around the neighborhood, and eventually later through the woods when I got my first MTB. Bikes have always been a part of my life you know. But they disappeared when I was a punk teenager and started to make music and picked up skateboarding again and snowboarded a lot. Years went by. But I never lost my love and respect for the brave heroes on their steel (soon carbon) horses, who would fight every weather condition and endure pain on the steepest hills of the mountains. Bugno, Indurain, Chiappuchi, Roche, Rominger, Jalabert, Pantani… In 2009 I discovered that there were people riding bikes with one gear and no brakes. I was hooked again from the first second. Just rode for fun first. Then got seriously into it and started training.

I don’t have an idol in cycling. They’re all brave and strong as fuck, dedicated and I pay respect to them all, even if they’re full of dope and medication.

3. Life. Krsna, Straight Edge, Tattoo Artist, Fixed gear bike, Hardcore Music… Can you tell us how much does counts this things in your life? Who’s Larz Burgunder? Without filters, in raw…

You know, this is a hard one. No idea where to start…

I grew up in a society critical family. Lots of values I still have were given to me through my super rad dad, and my amazing mom. They always let me go the way I wanted and I am forever thankful for that. They taught me about lots of things, but the main one that it is important to always question everything.

I’m 39 years old and all the decisions I took in my life make me the person who I am today. The things I went through, saw, experienced and adventured shaped my character and my personality. It shaped my view on humanity, society, and the world in general. To some I may be a fuckin asshole, to others a rad dude. But in the end I just live my life, doing what I think is right, and honestly, I don’t give a fuck what others think about it.

I start to tell you some things I do a daily basis: I work as a high-school teacher and as a tattooer. I live in a small farm house outside of the city. I’m surrounded by trees, cows and cats and birds and insects. It’s all about ATWA. I read a lot. Different stuff. I believe that in order to have an opinion you need to know both sides. I ride my bike a lot because it calms my mind. I am a seeker of truth. And I believe I found it. I listen to country music in my car and sing to it. I think that other life forms in the universe exist. I pretty much know we are fed lies my the media and the world leaders. I know that someday I will just disappear and leave everything behind. Because it all just doesn’t matter.

The Straight Edge: A lot of Things led to the decision to finally live a life of abstinence. I refuse to support a system that holds people in control with legal drugs. With the abstinence I gain the mental strength back to walk my own way. I reject addiction and getting wasted just to have a good time. It is really lame how people fall for alcohol and other drugs just to spend time in a good mood. What the fuck is wrong with you? People are getting consumed by their consumption. They are like modern slaves. Drinking and doing drugs makes you say yes to a system that kills thousands of people every year. Alcohol is the number one drug on the list of Drug-deaths. Drinking, smoking and doing drugs means you are keeping yourself chained up on a voluntary basis. The Intoxication is no solution to being free. It is the opposite. A sober, critical thinking mind is what the system fears the most. Also, drunks behave ridiculously stupid. You become a person you are not. Do you really want that? I refuse.

I also live a strictly vegan Lifestyle since 17years. Reject the poison. Reject supporting a murderous and oppressing industry that exploits innocent living beings.

Krsna: I was raised in a non-religious family. My parents both reject any spiritual beliefs and say they are atheists. When I was young, I rejected it all too. I was thrown out of religious classes at school for provoking too much. I also grew up in the hardcore/punk scene, where “no gods, no masters” points of view were common.

But from my teenager years on I always had these questions inside my heart coming up: who am I really? What I’m doing here, on a planet that circles a sun, in a galaxy among millions of others in the universe? Some conscious 90’s rap also made me getting deeper into the mysteries of life. Killah Priests Album Heavy Mental for example. Or the Sunz of Man.

I learned it was important to read. So I began reading what I felt was interesting for myself. Seeking answers to all the questions I was carrying within myself. It started with lots of archaeological stuff. The Egyptians. The Sumerians. Mesopotamia. The Enuma-Elish. Ancient Astronauts. The Annunaki. South-American Tribes. I discovered so much parallels. But the more I read, the more questions I had. And I eventually came to a point in my search where I had to face up with spiritual knowledge and eventually religious beliefs. So I did. Ancient Paganism. Buddhism. Christianity. Islam. But my thirst was never satisfied.

At the same time a very good friend of mine joined a temple to live as a monk. We exchanged lots of knowledge and he eventually also handed me some more books. One night I was walking home from skateboarding and I found a box full of books on the street. I went through them and one book brought attention to me.IT had a really colorful cover and I was so drawn to the picture. It was a Bhagavad-Gita (“Song of God“ in Sanskrit), and it is the one book that really opened my eyes and delivered answers to every question I ever had. Reading the verses I realized that this was the real truth and I discovered it by myself. No one told me to do so.

In 2003 I traveled to India and lived as a Hare-Krsna-Monk for three months on a pilgrimage. It changed my life forever. I won’t be a preacher here. What I discovered and what I know and feel inside is strictly me and it won’t necessary go for someone else. You have to go your own journey in Life. SEEK TRUTH. I strongly recommend you to do it. Just because there is so much more in Life than bowing down to a god called “material world“ on a daily basis.

Knowledge is the key.

4. Dosnoventa. It was a huge surprise for all of us! How born this collaboration? Why? What are your feelings for the upcoming Criteriums?

Why was it a surprise? I have always raced on my own, with the great support from my friend Patrick Seabase who would give me shoes, tires, frames, clothing. He was the first who always pushed me that I could do it, race crits and do good. Well I haven’t yet… Andrea Schilliro asked me if I wanted to be part of the Team. I had to think about it for two weeks, because I felt I would betray my friends who supported me… I said yes because I wanted to see how it is to ride as a team and do work and stick together. I am hoping to be strong enough this year with all the “pro’s“ in the field..

Dosnoventa feels like a good place to be. Very supportive, with open ears and with much much positive vibes. The guys are so friendly and i like the attitude they have for the team they are building…

5. Experience. You’re like an “old wolf” and that you like it or not you’re also an “icon” of fixed gear what can you suggest to people that approach to criterium races?

I don’t have enough experience. There are lots of others who have so much more experience racing… but I tell you this: you need to be in total control of your bike, in full speed and all the time. No skidding and slowing down in turns you can ride full speed. If you feel fear, just don’t race. It’s not for you. But if you have all the above, then you need to be fast. And strong. So fucking strong… I’m too slow and too weak.

6. Mash. How born the idea of Paralax video? Can u tell us some “behind the scenes” of your video with Mash guys? You’ve got a good relationship with them… Tell us about your trip to California, and your friendship with Garreth Chow, andy Ellis and the Mash family…

I met Andy Ellis through Patrick Seabase. Andy was doing Fixed Mag back then in London. At the Eurobike, I met Garrett Chow. Then in Milano I met Chas. He is the one who motivated me to keep up with Wolvh recently. Then in spring 2012 I met Walton in London. Him, Chas and I stayed and Andy Ellis flat for a race. You know and then we met again at races and we did the first Tour of Wolvh and that’s how bonds grow…

That Mash Video was very spontaneous. Mike wanted to film something and that video was the very first take of the day. Mike had the idea and we just did it. When the video ends, I was sprinting for at least two more minutes, I almost puked… We filmed some other stuff too that day, but it was the beginning that made it.

Yeah the guys are my friends. Especially Garrett with whom I shared lots of bike trips already. Most of them over here in Europe. So I wanted to check out the sunny California in winter and pay me all visit. I stayed with Garrett over in Oakland and we went camping in the high sierras with Matt and Dylan over New Year. Cycled a lot of course. Saw some amazing landscape and had the coldest nights ever, I tell you. But raddest times… then I stayed at Chas’s place in SF, discovering the city, riding bikes again, adventuring…

7. Nature, Alps, Switzerland. Don’t forget your roots, things about your country and the friends that grew up with you.

Switzerland’s awesome. Beautiful Landscapes. Amazing roads to ride. And there’s nowhere else I feel home more than in the Mountains.

8. Red Hook Criterium. This race has changed the way we look at fixed gear and has created a new concept of racing in cycling. What’s your opinion about RHC and what do you think it’s a good way to “keep it clean and real” no doping/real urban race.

RHC is a nice race. It grew so big though that nowadays real pro’s ride it and the neighborhood guy has no chance to win. But yeah, it gave cycling a new push, kids getting from track bikes to road bikes, becoming amateurs in cycling and wanting to be super strong. It’s good.

Clean and real? You know, I know some former pro-tour riders. And taking doping in amateur-sports is bigger than in the pro-peloton. In amateur sports you could just take anything and win every race. Because there’s no control… it’s a shame. And I am pretty sure doping (painkillers, amphetamine, tramadol, etc.) has arrived at the trackcrits already… It’s a very good thing the first 5 of the race get tested now. Thanks Dave!

9. A phrase that expresses your passion for cycling.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

10. Thanks to…

Anna. Patrick Seabase. Viktor Puzzo. Dosnoventa. Mike “Mash“ Martin. Garret Chow. Dylan Buffington. Chas Christiansen. Mash. All my friends. Sorry for being a loner. Mom. Dad. Srila Prabhupada. Krsna.

“Right is right even if just a few do it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody does it“.

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