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Gravel Earth Series official presentation

It would be weird to say today that gravel is just a trend. It is not, it was not, and it does not look like it will end up being one. The dimensions and scope that this young discipline has reached exceed all expectations. The reason and consequence of this is the appearance of new races around the world, the massive participation of the most important brands with riders and official teams, and the involvement of federations in the competitive world.

The evolution of the sector is positive in every way, but nevertheless, the creation of official competitions, such as the World Championships organized by the UCI this year in Veneto Italy, puts at risk the essence and that side of adventure that we can find in the origins of gravel.

Precisely for this reason, the Klassmark team, which is in charge of organizing The Traka, Ranxo, and more, has decided to create the Gravel Earth Series. A global circuit made up of some of the most important races in the world with the aim of promoting and keeping alive the true essence of gravel. They support that values ​​such as respect for the natural environment and love for the territory should always prevail over any competition.

The competitions included in these series are committed to promoting gravel in a positive way, inspiring the community, and taking the environment into account.

In the gravel series led by Klassmark we can find staple events such as the Migration Gravel Race in Kenya, or The Rift, in Iceland. In addition to these, there are also included other great races such as The Traka in Spain, the recently created and epic Octopus in Switzerland, the Nature is Bike surrounded by medieval castles and great rivers, in France, and the Nordic Gravel in Sweden and its impressive landscapes. The series will end with a grand final called Earth Final, where the best riders of this first edition will meet at a destination yet to be determined.

Gravel Earth Series in detail

All the distances above 100 km that these races offer to their participants will grant points to the riders of each category that will count for the Gravel Earth Series ranking. Obviously, each event has its own characteristics and each route has a different difficulty and prestige that will be translated into more or fewer points for the cyclists who finish it.

The grand final will also grant extra points that will help decide the final positions on the ranking. To make the final calculation, the points of the two best races that each rider has done out of the total will be taken and added to those obtained in the grand final. In this way, they want to reward the most versatile and regular participants in the entire circuit.

The series will begin on April 29th-30th, in Girona. From there, the races will take place on their set dates. As for the Earth Final, it is estimated that it will take place between the end of October and the beginning of November 2023.

Photos: Gravel Earth Series archives