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The Kantoikrit doesn’t escape either the rain

First came the Criterium Pontevedra, then the Criterium Valencia and, the latest victim of the blessed rain, has been the more thug Criterium on the current scene, the Kantoikrit of Oñati. Between streets pass off an exciting race full of attractions for riders and, above all, for the public who, year after year, attend this unforgettable event.

For this edition the number of registrations has grown considerably (55) than in previous years and women do not want to lag behind (we missed a women category there).


It seemed that the weather would respect the race because the whole day was shiny despite the storm forecast; but just a few moments before the race, the sky became black and began to rain heavily.

The riders were slowly going into the circuit trying to adapt to the current situation in which the priority was not to risk in the curves, do not tread on signals painted on the asphalt and try to sprint.

Between laughter and concern faces the riders piled up at the starting line ready (or not) to try to complete the race safe and sound.

The neutralized lap began where all riders would try to find a good position, but a few curves of the starting line, the first falls already began to appear, one of them mass in which a lot of riders of the head bunch were involved and only those who avoid it were benefited.

To explain how the rest of the race was is a complicated task. Ride a lap without having a scare or come up against a rider by accident was almost an impossible mission.

Lap to lap, the difference between the riders of the head and the rest of participants, increased significantly and they were eliminated as they were reached by an Ivan Morente in first position, highlighted, and with a wide advantage over the others.

As the race progressed few riders remained without being overtaken, the last lap came and only the first three finishers (survivors) remained.


  1. Ivan Morente (5Shilings)
  2. Marco Hita (Velvet Cycling)
  3. Sergio Antón (POLOANDBIKE)


  1. Irene Méndez (Biking La Manga)
  2. Ashley Faye (Favelaframa)
  3. Seff Gutovska (Velvet Cycling)

Once again, the town of Oñati was at the height, encouraging unconditionally despite the rain and creating a unique atmosphere. In terms of organization, they broke their back so that everything went good and it was a pity that the weather conditions changed at the last moment.

As it could not be otherwise, at the end we drank a few beers through the streets of this fantastic town, laughing, joking and reviewing as the race had gone

Aupa Kantoikrit!

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