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KrakOFF: Okolo.cc goes bikepacking to Poland

Okolo.cc is a cycling club from Zlin, Czech Republic. Since being officially established in 2020, they’ve brought together many local road cyclists to join along their public social rides and started building a community that goes beyond just cycling. As their motto Ride. Explore. Meet. says, they also soon began meeting and collaborating with other local cycling clubs in the country, as well as in Slovakia. The philosophy of the club is largely based on content creation and their point of view of the world of non-competitive cycling. However, you may come across some of their members participating in the local amateur races too.

In 2021 they discovered the world of bikepacking. The first of their trips was a journey to Budapest, Hungary, which they named 30 Deka Uheráku. The name, quite ironically, literally translates to ’30 dkg of winter salami’, referencing the traditional Hungarian food. Following that, this year they set off on another trip, this time from their base in Czech Republic to Krakow in Poland and to High Tatras in Slovakia.

KrakOFF is a testimonial documentary movie depicting part of the Okolo.cc crew discovering the hidden gems of Poland, with the focus on the meaning of community building and the freedom that bikepacking offers.

Text: Pavel Novotný
Translation: Javi Angulo
Photos: Okolo.cc