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NVAYRK Team: Federico Motta

Italian, more urban profile because he is a bike-messenger in London, “Fede” has been a linchpin to get all essential for the 2016 season and aspire to great things. It is a person who believes in teamwork and has shown from the first moment when he joined the NVAYRK family; he also has the virtue to see the competitions as something fun, which spreads to all those who make up the team and leads to celebrate any victory by “smaller” than this is.

Who’s Federico Motta?

I’m one of the thousands of bloody Italians living in London.

I’m 28 and I left Italy when I was 21.

I love this city. It’s so inspirational and, I think, I will never get tired of it.

I’m vegetarian (good excuse if I’m slower than other people, haha), I love music and travelling, with my bike of course.

What’s passion for cycling for you?

Cycling for me it’s all about sharing a passion with other people. With a bike you can race with your mates, suffer with your mates, travel with your mates, and get drunk with your mates… So many things you can do with a bike. It makes you feel free, and I love it. We all love it.

How did you get into fixed gear and NVAYRK team?

When I arrived here in London (I’m from the countryside so I had no idea what’s a fixed gear is) I noticed, straight away, so many people riding weird bikes around the town as fast as they could, using a walkie-talkie to communicate and I was so fascinated by them… That much, that I became a messenger too.

I spent 2 years delivering stuff all around London and it was the best time of my life. During that period I met Peter. We became friends and we started to build our fixes and ride them. Thanks to him I had the chance to meet Beto, the man behind the project NVAYRK.

It has always been our dream to race the Red Hook Criterium together, in the same team, and we feel glad and blessed to have realized it. 2k16 will be a great year for us.

What does represent NVAYRK for you?

NVAYRK represent a worldwide community of people standing for the same passion. Ride and have fun.

Thanks to this community I had the chance to meet people, for the first time, in places such as Mexico City, LA, San Francisco and it felt like we were friends from ages. This is what the community is all about.

How did you train for criterium?

We usually train in a homemade circuit, in a park, here in London with track bikes. It’s really good because we can get confident with corners, sprints and braking.

I just got myself a cyclocross bike which I will use to get resistance training as well.

What’s your cyclist profile?

I’m a cyclist who just wants to have fun. I don’t take it too seriously to be honest. I believe in the team and on a race day it’s like a party. If we win we drink to celebrate, if we lose we drink anyway…

What’s your motto?

Friends made while suffering are friends forever

Thanks to…

Thanks to NVAYRK of course who believe in me and also to my family who support me in everything I do.

And thanks to you guys for the interview! Keep it rad!

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