Reboots Go Lite: Where and when you need it

By now everyone knows the advantages of pressotherapy in terms of physical recovery: regeneration and decomposition of lactic acid, relaxing massage, or even as a warm-up before a race.

In our case, we had the opportunity to try this treatment in person in the last adventure of Among the Giants in which the Reboots brand provided some after-ride recovery for all participants. We were very surprised and satisfied with the result after using the recovery boots after a hard day of cycling in the high mountains, which helped us face the following rides.

About Reboots Go Lite

In an effort to continue improving and responding to the needs of their athletes, Reboots has launched the Go Lite. The new model was conceived and designed to be compact, silent, and effective without having to give up an efficient method and result in a competitive price.

The new Reboots are very small and weigh only 1 kg, which allows you to travel with them with hardly any space problems. In addition, since they have a battery, you have the option of using them wirelessly wherever you want.

On the other hand, and despite the size, the power of this model is still perfect for optimal recovery. The Go Lite has three predefined programs: one to relax the muscles, one for intensive elimination of lactate without reflux, and another for short but intense sessions. We talk about the excellent performance of the device but we would also like to highlight how quiet it is while using it, an aspect that is also of great importance from our point of view.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the Reboots application for cell phones, which allows you to connect with the Go Lite boots, amplifying their potential thanks to the functionalities of this tool. You can control everything from the programs and the time of the chosen session to designing your own session and saving it for future occasions. An interesting aspect is being able to deactivate inflation chambers individually, which can be very useful in case of injury or a specific need. These are just some of the features of this application, but it has many others that provide many advantages and an overall great experience for the user.

Briefly, the Go Lite boots are the most compact model of the Reboots brand. They are easy to adjust and effective each time you use them. In addition, you can control the pressotherapy session at any time and adapt it specifically to your needs. The perfect ally to recover and prepare for races and trips away from home.

Translation: Pol Sopeña