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Red Hook Crit Barcelona No.2


Little by little it fades “adrenalin pump” that caused this last week during the second edition of the Red Hook Crit Barcelona. We were lucky to live in our city again this fantastic show, a visit from the riders more beasts of the championship and, of course, enjoy to the full of this great event.

Everything is said about the RHC and the results of Saturday but, more to comment times, classifications and give sermons on the great day of cycling we live, to us from RAW like to tell the experienced, document with our words an amazing week; lived with amazing people, rolling along with characters that are part of the history of this discipline, or just beside old and new friends who have decided to come to Barcelona to attend this event.

What Instagram is cataloged as #critweek has been a brutal experience. The city of Barcelona has been invaded by an impressive number of riders, photographers, brands, fans, curious, etc. and during all the week has been a non-stop party, in which there were always beer, friends, laughter and impressive bikes that found their heyday in the pre-party on Friday organized by the guys of Dosnoventa. The community that moves around this event is becoming more united and with its own identity, people around the world with the same passion, an urban tribe where dreams become real projects, where great friendships are born and small and healthy rivalry. The week that precedes the RHC is much characterized by the insane burden of expectation and excitement generated by this event.


Barcelona offered an amazing day. Everything was ready, the top teams and riders were appearing in the restricted area and put on the verge their “saddles”. The wait was a little long and craving for out to roll grew by the minute. It was the day and the hour of truth each time it was closer. It no longer mattered if you had trained more or less, if you felt strong or if you were successful with the chosen relationship … the die was cast and your mind could only think of making a good ranking and get to make the cut to get into the end.

Last Chance Race

The absolute novelty in the RHC Series. A career that gave the opportunity to move to the end A to classified between positions 86 and 150 (passed only the top ten runners). A career or also called final B, a natural consequence of the evolution of Red Hook Crit and competitive level that has reached in a few years due to the great number of athletes and teams who have come to this amazing modality.

Last Chance Race is designed to give space to those runners who want to confront on a criterium of the highest quality as is the RHC and have the opportunity to prove their worth.

Womens Race

Slowly and, after a qualifying round of stroke, the day gives way to the dark … it’s time for Women’s crit!

From the beginning the RHC has always considered the girls. In the first edition, when there was still no sponsors or categories, and the Red Hook was a semi-legal career, won Kacey Manderfield, a girl from New Jersey who surprised and left many speechless. 2014 is the year and the chosen city Barcelona. The female category is now a reality.

After the unforgettable show that took place in Brooklyn with the perfect storm and the great victory of Jo Celso (we salute and look forward Milan fully recovered) in Barcelona live another great show since very soon. The first round highlighted by the strong rhythm that marked the runners of the head. Curve to curve the riders were going measuring to each other and trying to keep a good position.

There were several escape attempts by young Ainara Arteaga (Reyno de Navarra) but the rest of the runners were not prevented.

Each time there were fewer laps and the final five, Sandra Jorda or RAW Cycling Team decides to attack and attempt to escape. Get head the remaining five laps as group leader and makes clear his intentions.

Finally, and after a few laps of fear, everything is just deciding on the final corners where Ainara get across the finish line in first position, followed by Fleur Faure (Polo & Bike) and Vittoria Reati (Supernova Team) and fourth and fifth Débora Galvez and Sandra.

Highlight the good work of all the spectacular race that made Vittoria Reati of only 18 years and the brilliant work of Ainara, Sandra and Deborah without experience in the world of fixed gear they dared with a run of such magnitude and reached a very well.

Men’s Crit

With almost no time to recover from the exciting race that we experienced females, was beginning the Criterium male. The night surrounds the park forum and just breathe tension and nerves of the riders prepared in the starting line.

Start the Red Hook Crit Barcelona n.2, and 4,000 spectators around the circuit accompanied with screams of euphoria to the group. Mario Paz Duque, Eddie Merckx of “primes”, after a first lap of fear gets cross the finish line the first.

Respect to last year, where the level of riders seemed very high, this year, the first group of runners seemed from another planet.

On review of these riders, the pressure and the speed of the latest tests RHC taken to the limit each athlete, and when you go to this level, there is no margin for error. A circuit like Barcelona, with a very fast area in which the wind was your worst enemy, and another with a section of curves very technical where the riders will had to put all five senses alert not to “kiss” the ground.

With each passing laps, the race became a real Puerto Rico Show in which Eduardo Colon, one of the favorites for their great victory in the Fijate 2014 performing a leak that achieves ignite to the public coming to have an advantage of eleven seconds over the first group. Get keep pace for a few laps until he fell in a bend of the technical area and is caught by the other runners.

The public, still baffled by the loss of positions of Eduardo, re crazy by another Puerto Rican, this time it was Julio Padilla (Impulse Stage Team) who launched an attack and decided not to go home with empty hands. The getaway was brutal. A punch in the stomach of the chase group could not do otherwise than admire the young man from Guatemala crossing the finish line with arms raised and celebrating the victory. “I didn’t expect,” were the words of Padilla to finish the race. A surprise for him and for everyone in general, although the boys the day before already announced that they did not think return to their country without podium. They are not conform.

Augusto Reati (Supernova Team) who fought to the end, achieved a deserved second place, followed by Thibaud Lhenry that consolidates their good results this season, and shows that Brooklyn’s victory was no coincidence.

We would like to emphasize the inhuman race of Kyle Murphy (MASH SF) that despite a fall, got up, sit up and get a fantastic fifth place.

The Team Cinelli Chrome and Iride Squadra Corse are the leaders of the team rankings. In Milan he will end to decide who gets the League at home.

RHC Barcelona No.2

The expectations have been overcome handsomely. The high public attendance, the high number of participants, test running, the show girls, the race playoffs and the grand finale with male criterium, topped the weekend hard to beat.

We are eager to Milan arrives and see how this ends! Ci vediamo to Milano!

Official video of RHC Barcelona No.2 by RAW Cycling Mag and Bajo Tierra Films:

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