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Inside Dosnoventa. The untold story

Have a long time that since RAW Cycling Mag wanted to know about the history of one of the most recognized brands in the world and ask ourselves, why not?

We got in contact with the creators of a lifestyle with its own brand to every day more people are joining from around the world, a style keeping with the exclusive frames that these young entrepreneurs are able to design.

When we explained we wanted to know more about DOSNOVENTA and who was behind this Barcelona brand, they welcomed us into their headquarters without doubting for a moment.

In this interview we have tried to capture everything that people do not know about them, to tell their own history through the three essential snapshots that everyone asks at least once in life: where we come from, who we are and who we want to become.


1. How were the beginnings of fixed gear in Barcelona? When and who were the precursors of this lifestyle?

The beginnings were a fun time and a lot of riding, we were always here and there, with the simple excuse to make a pair of skids! Hehehe … at the time we started shooting in fixed gear, about 6 or 7 years ago, there was only a specialty store in Barcelona: My beautiful parking, they organized the first alleycats and events in the city.

2. Tell us about Cream & Fixed Soldiers

Cream Bikes & Things was born with the idea to mount a small boutique bike fixed gear. We wanted to bring to Barcelona a product of high range and see the brands that we saw on videos or in the internet, live.

I think we got It, also we were able to create a unique style in our montages, which were recognized in many parts of the world. Through social networking, videos and our events, we create a whole scene around us behind us and trusted our judgment at the time of buying your bike of fixed gear.

Fixed Soldiers was a step we took thinking about our client and with the intention to offer much more than a bike, a community of people who share the same interests for the fixed gear. We were the first in Barcelona, almost 5 years ago, to organize nights out with our customers or anyone who had a fixed gear bike. They were not normal outlets to go for a walk, were special outings, we organized a little party on Thursdays on CREAM, before the weekly departure, we gave food and drink always free, we organized competitions at the start, with the awards and I can assure you that our departures always had something special, our videos, our routes and philosophy of Fixed Soldiers “pedaling hard, because you’re not going to wait.”

3. How did the project DOSNOVENTA and what it was that made a dream become a globally recognized brand?

Dosnoventa born of necessity, from Cream dreamed of the possibility to ride our own bikes, to make our own frames. The moment we arrived in the most unexpected way, through a contact, we got the opportunity to be able to make some framesets for us with the help of engineers from the factory. After a few months of work and several visits to the factory in Italy, came our first frame and … was the bomb!We loved! They were fine, had just created our first model Dosnoventa! Slowly and through our social networks, we released our product and our brand worldwide. In a few months we were receiving emails from Japan and Europe asking how they could buy our frames…


4. It’s clear that no dream is fulfilled in a blink of an eye, how was the process? The hard work of creators, backstage nobody sees…

It’s clear, behind Dosnoventa there is blood and sweat! Hahaha… never better…. if the truth have worked hard and we keep doing … I think now even more work… but the process has been very intuitive, we have let our feelings guide us and always trying to do things the best. There is a great team of people behind our company every day giving 100% in everything we do, I think that’s one of the secrets, trust in something and wanting to be the best.

5. Throughout history always found hard times, have you ever doubted the project?

We could have our doubts, but if we are honest, we have never stopped believing in DOSNOVENTA, that was what motivated us and motivates us to want to learn and grow slowly.

6. How do you carry the pressure of being a brand as well known on the world stage and how you live day to day?

It’s funny, we have come to get an amazing feedback every day about what we do. For us, the pressure is generated around of Dosnoventa is something positive that does not leave us time to relax, we are always trying to create content and experiences to share in the most real way that we can.

7. Who are the people in the team Dosnoventa? How the work is divided and what the function of each?

The team formed four people:

  • Juan Guadalajara, founder of the brand and technical part. It is the main contact with our factory develops new products and also is mechanical.
  • The second Dosnoventa founder with John is Juanma Wellhis mission is the organization and communication in general, from events, team riders, collaborations, etc …
  • The third member is Dani Melo, who takes the art direction and design. Any “frikadas” that you see in Dosnoventa, Dani is the culprit.
  • And to close family; Uri Bordes. It is our latest signing and his main mission is to organize the brand, management and economic aspects. Thanks to Uri, we can breathe easy!


8. How do you see at this moment the evolution of urban cycling in recent years and what is your opinion?

If we speak of the evolution of fixed gear for example in our city, we see a curious thing. The fixed gear had their peak and most successful approximately 4 years ago. Barcelona lived at that time the “boom” fixed, this trend was slightly declining in the following years, until the present time it seems that once again traced.

They may have something to do fixed gear competitions are becoming more common in our area. Especially crits.

Another trend we see very clearly the change in the habits, the user that uses fixed gear bicycle for training, is passing on the road bike, in some cases definitively and eventually in other forms. In any case this was unthinkable years ago.

We combine the two types of bike and can not be more pleased.

9. How DOSNOVENTA continuous evolution?

We are at a crucial point, we have ventured as we said before in the world of the road. It’s very different from the fixed gear, not just in the obvious ways.

But what is clear is that our essence will always be the fixed gear, and work hard to provide new models will continue to support events and parties and try to continue offering the highest quality in our products.

10. Any new projects on which we may speak?

Ok, but don’t tell anyone. We are planning a trip to Japan for the new video Dosnoventa and with the support of our sponsor Lacoste Live. In addition, we are preparing to launch three new models of bicycles: road two and one track.

11. Do we you can say in one sentence the essence of Dosnoventa?

“Find a job you’re passionate about and stop working.” It may sound like a cliché but we could not agree more.

12. Thanks to…

First, our sponsors, without them this would have been much more difficult, Lacoste LiveHEDSan Marco, Integrasport, Giro Smith Optics.

And especially to our fans who give us the strength to continue with this great project!

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