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Rookies of the year: Fleure Faure

Rookie:  Anglo-Saxon term that describes a person in his or her first year of a sport, someone who is new to a profession, training or activity.

We were lucky to meet her in her fixed gear debut in the National Crit Moutarde of Dijon (France) and it seemed to us a very likeable and nice girl. Additionally when she will get on her bike is a real rider, strong, strategist and she pits very well her adversaries and plays her cards right… it was clear that Fleur Faure was going to be in the rookies of the year category.

1. Who’s Fleure?

Here’s Fleure Faure, I’m half French and half Thailandese racer. I’m 21 years old even if I look like a 17, I hope to grow up a bit more.

2. The Dijon National Moutarde Crit was like your introduction to the world of fixed races…

Yes, it was exactly that! To be honest it was a test, I wanted to try myself, I started riding a fixed gear bike just a couple of weeks before and I really lived and felt it as a new experience. I wanted to see if I would be able to ride such an international and high level Criterium like NMC in Dijon and with strong and experienced riders like Stefania Baldi. The feeling was incredible and I raced very well, I was so happy and proud to win in Dijon, because it was in France and I was encouraged by all of my friends.

3. Can you tell us more about your experience as a rider of Polo&Bike?

Polo&Bike is a huge family for me, friendship is the keyword in our team, I joined Polo&Bike family after NMC, and to be honest I feel very well in this team, there’s no tension, everybody takes care of me, maybe because I’m the only girl and I’m the youngest in the team. I’m really happy! Especially Pablo helps me a lot with his suggestions and it’s a kind of father for me, I mean he gives me the right advises when I need it and he cooks delicious.

4. How did you feel in RHC Barcelona and Milano? And in general?

I can just say woooow! It was my first time at Red Hook and I never seen that before, I mean, there were a lot of people, fans, photographers all along the race. I usually race the national championship in France, and maybe I have some fans, but this was really different, the atmosphere was amazing. There were people from all over the world, open mind and with the same great passion.

– Barcelona and Milano

Regarding the races, I tell you… when you are on the podium but not on the top, you know, you have always a little regret, that’s part of the race; however I really think that physically and tactically I did my best so, no regret! Maybe I was a bit unlucky but that’s the life… I’m really happy and proud of my performance at Red Hook Crit.

5. Cycling

Ah cycling! How could I start?! I started riding bike 12 years ago, my father introduced me. I think I grow up cycling; I made a lot of friends during this cycling period. It was like a second family for me, a cycling family. I give thanks to them and I can say that cycling is very important for me. Even during bad moments I learnt how to face the future with positive attitude. I dedicated a lot of time to train, sacrifice it’s a huge part of this sport, 6 days per week during the season, even 4 were okayJ. What is my favourite discipline? Ha,Ha,Ha after this summer for sure Criterium! As I told you I started riding fixed gear a couple of weeks before NMC of Dijon, and now it’s definitely my favourite kind of race!

6. Girls and Crits

This year was important, actually was the first year that girls has a category at Red Hook Crit, and I think was a pretty good start, I think and I hope that the number of girls and racers are going to  increase next year. From my point of view, I’d prefer to have more laps in women race, at least the same laps of men race. Probably I say this because I like long races.

7. A sentence that represents your passion for bikes and cycling.

Find a way to win instead of excuses to desert!

8. Thanks to…

My father to give me the first bike. To Fixed Gear Marseille, Paul Vanotti to get into a fixed gear race. To Polo&Bike to give me their confidence for the season. To all people who support me on races and on social networks.

And You, RAW Cycling Mag , to give me your time.