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Samba to the rhythm of CRITERIO FIXED

Rio is on fire! On Saturday 17 disputed in Rio de Janeiro city’s first successful edition of Criterio Fixed in Brazil. Many crowd, especially bike fans and fixed gear and many onlookers who simply wanted to know more about what was happening in the Maracana stadium environments.

The major organizational effort RJFG crew has been crowned with a number of entries (66 in total).

Result by category:


The girls in Rio had a good show! Eleven girls were registered. From the beginning the struggle for victory was between Carina Chandan remained leader throughout the test race on the final lap but could not maintain full control and finally achieved a third place. In the final rush, blocks Beatriz Folly victory followed by Stephanie Ribeiro and Carina.


Male secondary category which has the highest number of entries . The squad, very compact during much of the race , broke in the last laps thanks to Lucas Leitao and Gustavo Togi disputed victory starring in an exciting sprint. The third place was to Fabio Morales.


Definitely more intense testing and high agonistic level carioca Sabbath. Marking an appalling rate, a small group of four riders Squad escapes from the first laps. Diego Martins launches an attack a few laps to go, it would be crucial to clinch the top spot. Second place for a favorite, the chilean Waldo Labra. Closing the podium would find Fabio Oliveria.

The first chapter of criteriums in Rio has been a large and a very good result event.

Congratulate to RJFG for the achievement and success of this great weekend.

View photos of Renan Bacellar on Facebook.

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