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ATG2: Slovenian Wild Roads. Book Presentation

We’ve been late, but that’s what happens when you want to do something really well. We want to share with all of you the book of our latest adventure of Among the Giants, Slovenian Wild Roads.

This book is more than a succession of good photos, you can know the history from within, we want to immerse you, as we did, in kilometers of alpine asphalt, be a part of the excitement and fun that we experienced those days, we want that you feel part of this history.

We have printed a very limited edition of 50 units, of great quality, designed and formatted by Marcel Batlle (Batllegrup), who has presented and arranged the art of Brazo de Hierro and the stories lived by each member of this great trip.

And where can I acquire this beauty? You have two possibilities, through our online store or, come to the official presentation that we organize next Friday, February 1st at 7:30 pm, at ON Y VA Cycling (c / Vergos 55, Barcelona). Some of the members of this adventure will come to explain you in detail how was that experience, we will tell you some details of the next edition and, in addition, you will get a special discount on the purchase of this wonderful book.

As extra information, remember that you can find prints available in our shop with some of the most epic photos of previous editions of ATG.

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