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Among the Giants: Helvetic Lands

A five days trip, three days of pure cycling, no matter the watts, who is the one that reached the top earlier or if we get more or fewer records in Strava. Among the Giants is more than this. It’s where cycling and adventure, satisfaction and overcoming, nature and culture link together, authentic experience at all levels.

For us (RAW), Among the Giants is one of the projects we live with more intensity and one that we are most proud of. It’s not easy to gather strangers to live together for a few days and at the end of the trip when they take their return flights, they have a lot of great memories, new friends, and a life experience hard to forget.

This is our third edition, and we have to recognize that it has not been easy. After the first two editions (Dolomiti Experience, Slovenian Wild Roads), the expectation was very high and we knew we would have to make an effort to overcome it. We had to choose a destination with high mountains (exact, the name of the project is not accidental) and Switzerland has been the chosen place to carry out this new edition. Huge mountains, endless roads, and white giants that will be observing us from the top, all that and much more is what is waiting for us in this amazing country.

Stay tuned to our social networks and, if you do not want to lose any detail of how the next few days go by, be aware to the Among the Giants and RAW Cycling Magazine IG profiles.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the brands that trust the project and say thanks to their effort and collaboration that allows us to carry out a project as magical as this one.

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