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Colombian framebuilders: Scarab Cycles

It has taken us longer than we would have liked but, after the publication of the interviews with Fabio Duarte and Agustín Hincapié, now it is time for Scarab Cycles, with which we wrap up this series of articles focused on the most relevant Colombian framebuilders.

Scarab Cycles (Antioquia)

If in previous articles we mentioned tradition, experience, and craftsmanship through generations, this time we talk about talented young people, passionate about their work but willing to do things differently and offer an alternative product to their customers.

The project was founded in 2018 by Santiago Toro who, after spending a few years with the master Agustín Hincapie and sharing the first project together (Tino Cycles), decided to start his own path and embarked on this adventure. Today, together with Nicolás Serrano and Alejandro Bustamante, he leads a small group that fights with effort and enthusiasm to continue growing and making their bicycles known around the world.

Optimized manufacturing process

From Scarab Cycles, they do not reject the tradition and the know-how of great craftsmen, but they focus on the optimization of the manufacturing and painting process with the aim of reducing delivery times without sacrificing quality.

Teaching and sharing your knowledge on the subject is one of the key points to achieve a higher manufacturing volume. Gathering a work team, supervising and guiding the operators is a task that is managed with care and delicacy so as not to jeopardize the finishing touches of the frames that are ready to be delivered.

“Teaching is the most difficult challenge, but having the opportunity to create new talent, develop skills, and offer other professional chances to young people, is a great satisfaction.”

One of their strength points is that all processes are reviewed to remain in a state of continuous improvement. On the other hand, despite the fact that they offer full-custom bikes, they promote the sale of the default models from which they apply the necessary changes for each client.

At the painting level, one of its most outstanding aspects, they also work with designs that they use as a base and play with the infinite color combinations to create unique bikes.

Ambassadors of Colombia

The young firm that lies behind that badge in the shape of a beetle declares itself as a true ambassador of its country and tries to preach Colombia in each and every one of the frames that come out of its facilities. They are inspired by her land for all their creations, and whether it is to choose the name of their next model or a new design, the Colombian essence is guaranteed.

“Through our bikes, we try to export a little piece of Colombia to the world.”

The designs and the painting on the handmade bikes are some of the most relevant aspects, and the guys at Scarab Cycles do not leave it aside. They put great effort into innovating and supporting all kinds of crazy ideas. During the interview, Alejo explained to us that on one occasion they used the local buses (Chiva) as inspiration since they are very colorful, they are used by most of the people in the country and, without a doubt, they are a well-known symbol of Colombia.


Another differential point of the brand is that, apart from having its manufacturing workshop in Antioquía and being 100% handmade in Colombia, they do not focus their market only on a local level. They have a second store located in Miami (USA), which allows them to have access to a wide range of possibilities within the United States, and it is also the point of distribution to other countries.

Today they have a small-scale presence in countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, but without a doubt, one of their short-term objectives is to strengthen their position in Europe.