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Colombian framebuilders: Fabio Duarte

If we talk about tradition, in terms of craftsmanship and frame manufacturing, we are definitely talking about Bicicletas Duarte. The Colombian firm, with more than 50 years of history in the industry and with three generations of builders behind it, is recognized throughout the country for its history and for the promotion of quality and authenticity.

Bicicletas Duarte (Bogotá)

When we decided to create a series of articles about Colombian framebuilders, we were sure from the first moment that Fabio Duarte should be part of that small list of individuals that we carefully compiled.

Fabio grew up living cycling very closely through his father. He had a great passion for this sport and he had the opportunity to compete at a professional level and participate in several Vuelta a Colombia before making the decision to create his own brand and dedicate himself to building bicycles.

In 1985, Fabio began his career as a craftsman with his father at Bicicletas Duarte and, today, he is still in his workshop, welder in hand, making unique handmade frames. Despite the fact that the founder passed away in 2020, the third generation of the family is already continuing the project that his grandfather created 52 years ago.

Craftsmanship and experience

Behind every work of art, there is a story. Every minute dedicated to that unique piece created by a framebuilder is different from any other. Everything is done for a reason and with a specific purpose. The weight, the height, and the use that each customer wants to give to his bicycle are just some aspects that Fabio keeps in mind every time he gives life to a new bicycle.

“Every time I finish a new bike, I have the conviction that it is the best I have done so far.”

A specialist with steel and titanium, whether Columbus, Dedaccai, or Reynolds, Master Duarte transmits all of his experience and knowledge in each welding point that he applies on the chosen pipe. Every detail matters and that is why Fabio takes a close look at each and every bike that enters or leaves his workshop. They control the entire process: design, manufacturing, assembly, and painting, as well as creating their own dropouts or other pieces according to the needs of each project.

“All bikes are unique to me, and in each one of them there is a bit of our history.”

From the moment someone makes the decision to purchase a Duarte bike, they are advised and supported throughout the customer journey so that, in addition to an exclusive and custom-made bike, they also live a unique experience being part of its creation.

Present and future

With more than 6.000 frames made in all these years, we observe a happy and excited Fabio Duarte seeing that his children grow up united to their profession and decide to continue the family business. A breath of fresh air that will undoubtedly help the brand to be better positioned internationally and increase its presence in the digital world.

At the product level, obviously, they promote their gravel bikes since it is the discipline that has grown the most in recent years and it seems that it has no intention of calming down, at least for a while. In addition to this range of products, they will continue to offer their road, fixed gear, and urban models.

Fabio, during the interview, told us some other incredible stories about bicycles that he had built and that he had traveled all over the world or that he had been present in some of the toughest competitions on the planet. It was exciting to hear him talk about it. But, if there is something that he really needs to fulfill, it is to see a professional team compete with his bikes, and we hope that one day we can all see it.

Translation: Javi Angulo

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