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DONTDO it. Invent it. Shoot it.

A few months ago we got to met the guys DONTDO and since then, we didn’t lose track of them. A team who live by and for bike and reflects there passion through spectacular photos and videos that they produce.

We encourage you to know a little more and we recommend you to not lose track of them, they’re full of ideas and interesting projects.

1. How and when did you start DONTDO?

Just after RHC Barcelona 2013, we decided to go in Milano and make a movie. Because we felt that we have something to do around Red Hook. Like a lightning in our head, we knew that we have to do. Then I talk about it to my friend, Cédric, who is director. We wanted to work together since longtime. And this film was the perfect occasion for that. So we left all together in Milano to make our first film. Then we wanted to keep that going. Work with Cédric and Etienne, DOP, is a pure pleasure and in the same time RHC is an amazing subject. David Trimble gave the opportunity to all the people around RHC to participate and share a unique moment in bike history. Thanks to him for that.

2. Who forms part of the team DONTDO?

Yann Goradesky, Jean-Baptiste Le Van aka Félix Fander, and me Caroline Pauleau aka Caro Paulette

3. Where did you get the name? DONTDO = Don’t do?

Long and stupid story. Kind of mistake and the opposite of what we wanted, but each time we wanted to look for something else, we could not be able to find another one. So we kept it.

4. How does your team work? Who does what? Filming-editing-riding

We take all the decisions together. Even if it’s to choose the size of our stickers. We have a huuuuge discussion all together on Facebook. It’s our playground to talk about all the project and ideas that we have. We also spend lots time together in the bars to try to figure out our work and meet people.

Felix is a rider and sometimes filmmaker too. He’s our champion in Paris and probably the only rider in France who ride crit and track bike.

Yann is sort of Dad but also the account manager!! He’s a little bit older than us and he’s involve in bike and fixed gear community since the begging. He took part at one the famously bike blog in France, Surplace.

I’m art director and photographer and sometimes filmmaker. I have a blog about bike culture, fixed gear and bike polo since four years now. Paulette à Roulettes.

As soon as we can do the thing by ourself, we do it. But when we know we’re not enough good, we work with people who have better skills than us. We don’t pretend to do everything. The key to doing things well, it is whether the right people.

5. Do you have a “modus operandi”, I mean a strategy to work as a team?

Feeling and observation. We come from different universe and we know that when we mix our knowledge we can do almost what we want. I mean, we have a different vision and appreciation of the thing around us, so we are complementary.

6. INSIDE RED HOOK CRIT. For sure our favorite video of last season…


7. Can you make us a small resume of what’s the meaning/essence of your film?

We wanted to show to people who are not involve in crit community how it’s an amazing race. A perfect mix between road bike crit and urban bike in fixed gear.

And honestly it was natural for us to make this film because after several years in bike, we wanted to do something else.

8. How did the idea start?

Lots of video were realized about Red Hook by many and many teams or shop and few of those ones are really cool, like Dosnoventa went in NY, like the official film of last season made by Thelema Artworks, but we missed something. What the riders thought about RHC and what kind of visions they had. So, we tried to do that with different important actors of the Red Hook. We met Cooper in Barcelona and we have nice hanging out with him. He’s an amazing courier and racer, his point of you is interesting. Evan and Kyle… how to avoid them? They are bro, they are fast and the ride for 2 amazing teams!! And Felix was our guide. And we thought with Yann that was important to give him the opportunity to speak.

9. You try to transmit the essence of RHC. What’s the essence of RHC for you?

The essence of Red Hook Crit lies in the crazy passion of the riders. All of these guys are here to have fun on their bikes and don’t really care about the danger. It’s totally insane but that’s why we are here.

10. Is it like a big family for you?

Yes it is. We are new in this family and we are fortunate to be part of it. And it’s one of the most important point in RHC community. That is great opportunity to meet people who from all over the world, PRICELESS. But you know, it’s not only RHC family, its bike family, fixed gear, bike polo… We traveled around the world and this strong link come from BIKE in general.

11. RHC Brooklyn No.7. We get in touch for that race and the vibe you transmitted to us was amazing!

You’re welcome! The day of the race was totally crazy, so we had many emotions and word inside us and it was funny to translate you that. I was so excited all day long!

12. How was your weekend in NYC?

Our week was INSANE. WET. FAST. AMAZING. RAINY. EVENTFUL. Come on, NY and RHC, perfect mix!!

At least we met Adam from Stanridge. Since few month we talked together about the idea to make a film around his team, and we were so happy to meet each other for real! We spent 3 days with and Katie Arnold, his women racer, and him… what a gift it was!!! We also have a great time with Evan on Sunday. He gave us an amazing interview. We met so many people, some of them became friend and we are still in touch and share lot of things together. We also spent lot of time with Dosnoventa Boys (Felix is sponsored by them), and what a pleasure to chill with them.

13. NY Film

When we’ve decided to follow the Red Hook Crirt series we wanted to focus our film on people who are from the country or the city where the RHC will be. And the main point was to find a team and riders who have something different in their blood. The Stanridge story and the relationship with the riders made sense for us. We’ve already knew Evan and since few month I was in touch with Adam. He talked me about his choice to sponsor a women. We thought it could be so interesting to make a film about a woman for the first exclusive woman RHC. So it was natural to choose Adam, Evan and Katie… because of them.

Stanridge Speed Bicycles Part #1 – Evan Murphy

We focused Evan film on his relationship with the Red Hook Crit, because he takes part of the race since longtime and he lives in the Red Hook. His relationship with RHC is a mix between love and hate. With emotion and passion he gave us the lowdown on his personal experiences. He’s such a smart and interesting man. Thank you Evan to be who you are!

2 others films are coming. The second part of Stanridge diptych, about Katie Arnold. With Katie we are more focus on the race because it was in the same time the first Women RHC and the first crit for Katie. She used to ride road bike and cyclocross but she never been on a track bike before. She explained us how was the race and what kind of sensation she had.

Katie is a very strong racer with an intense story. She’s a gift! Adam will be also in the movie to explain how he wanted to build a bike for a woman, that woman!

The third film is for fun, kind of clip #2007. As I said we spent many times with Dosnoventa, so, you know, how we can miss to film them in the street of NY!

14. Are you going to come to our city for RHC Barcelona No.2?

DEFINITELY. How to miss that? It’s close to Paris, its sunny and another great occasion to meet people and make a film!

15. Small phrase of your passion for cycling.

It’s different for each of us, but the main point is that we liked bike and then we’ve met good people. So we have a passion for cycling but also for people who are involved in bike.

The fact that people have a passion and give all that they have in their stomach is just insane.

16. Thanks to…

Our mothers, friends and riders.

More info of DONTDO here.

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