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English Cycles. Steel as you never imagined before

If something works, why change it? If any phrase can fit into English Cycles it is NOT this one.

Rob English was just 15 years old when in the heyday of mountain biking in the ’90s, a multitude of components and extras began to emerge that Rob couldn’t afford, but he could make. This is how, using machinery from his school, he began to discover a vocation that would eventually lead him to create, in our opinion, the most beautiful bicycles that are manufactured today.

After graduating, he worked in product design in the field of cycling, worked as a mechanic and made a name for himself in competitive racing, seventh in the UK time trial Nationals and fourth in the hill climb championships! And although his life revolved around cycling, his passion, he couldn’t find his place.

Rob started making frames for himself, for some friends… and damn, he wasn’t bad at it, so increasing the time he spent making these bikes, he decided to devote all the effort to his own company English Cycles.

His bikes are visually stunning, with a taste for innovation that is evident in bold designs that project a great resilience and a quality impression rarely seen. 

Road, track, gravel, mountain bike, tandem, belt drive, asymmetry… almost anything that rolls can be manufactured by this company. On their website we can read the phrase “Fit is key”, the custom philosophy is total, what use are you going to give it? How do you expect your bike to behave? These are common questions in the manufacturers of custom frames, but the customization of English Cycles goes further.

Although they also work with carbon parts, the main material of English Cycles is steel, of different sections and alloy. As we have already mentioned in different articles, steel has torsional properties that many manufacturers know how to take advantage of, and the Oregon-based company takes this principle to a maximum, its rear triangles are very recognizable, as well as the angulation of its Seat Tube, all thinking of pure rigidity or, on the contrary, comfort.

The quantity and variety of prizes that he has harvested in NAHBS only do that to underpin the opinion that we have in RAW on this craftsman. When you look at their work, it is inevitable to think of the customer, each piece is unique, and not just in the dimensions of the frame, the ‘Fit is key’ is seen in each and every one of their frames. Art on wheels.

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