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Lazer Z1 KinetiCore: Enhanced lightness, comfort, and safety

One of the most commonly considered aspects when choosing performance cycling components is weight. However, another very important and essential part is ourselves and how we dress from head to toe. In this context, a helmet is not only an essential protection gear but also a fundamental participant in terms of lightness, aerodynamics and, most of all, comfort.

Lazer is introducing the new and improved version of the Z1 KinetiCore, which is to become the lightest helmet with rotational impact protection on the market. It is not a surprise for us that the Belgian brand, counting more than a hundred years of experience, is launching this enhanced version as they have been constantly rethinking their products from their beginning.

Two years ago, we witnessed the release of the KinetiCore technology, a disruptive concept to provide more safety and prevent more serious brain damage in the event of crashing and suffering rotational impacts. The concept consists of independent blocks of foam within the helmet specifically designed and distributed to reduce direct and rotational impacts and redirect the energy of the impact away from the brain.

Aside from protection, the KinetiCore tech also focuses on just using the necessary materials, which allows saving up on weight and also provides more ventilation apertures. With this, the Lazer engineers have achieved a 220 g weight (medium size) for the Grand Stage winner Z1.

The ventilation apertures, the connecting elements, and the straps are strategically placed to allow greater comfort and air circulation without compromising air resistance. Besides, an Aeroshell can be added in case the apertures need to be closed, whether for weather phenomena or aerodynamics improvement.

Other features consist of the Advanced RollSys, an adjustment wheel on top of the helmet that allows an even circular fit of the helmet around the head. Secondly, the recycled and antibacterial straps allow a perfect and comfortable fit. By removing the plastic separation element of the straps and employing recycled materials, Lazer is trying to work towards a more sustainable helmet production.

Additionally, cycling glasses can be easily accommodated on the front apertures and an LED protective light can be placed on the back. For the hesitant ones, the helmet is offered in a large variety of colors and we expect to see special editions being released in the future.

All in all, the Lazer Z1 KinetiCore represents the perfect helmet for climbers and those who like to ride in hot conditions. The round shape and front-to-back lines give it a classy but speedy look that surely adds up to its comfort. Needless to say, its rotational impact technology is the cherry on the pie that makes it an ideal helmet.

Photos: Lazer Sport