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MANITAS – Framebuilder Award

In a world that sometimes spins too fast, you learn to value things done by hand, respecting the process, favoring the quality and customization, of dedication and persistence.

Custom frame builders stay true to traditions, defending the techniques, craftsmanship and manual labor, which give shape to the dreams of many cyclists and bike enthusiasts. A bicycle builds from scratch by someone who is capable of putting together all those thoughts you have kept in your mind for so long. A unique product, exclusively designed and made by and for you.

Bike enthusiasts are gradually gaining awareness of handmade frames. For this reason, we believe expanding your knowledge, not only around the product but also those who are behind the creation process.

This is why, at RAW, we decided to get involved in a very thrilling project that we would like to share with you, the MANITAS – Framebuilder Award.

Those who follow and read our articles, already know about the benefits of a custom frame, whether it is steel, carbon, or a mixture of both. However, we would like to go further and take this to the next level by analyzing every bike in close detail in order to acknowledge the craftsmen’s work.  From this exercise and, from our technical point of view and expertise, a chosen builder will be rewarded with the MANITAS prize of the year.

MANITAS – Framebuilder Award

Many of you might be wondering why we chose this name. The term ‘manitas’ in Spanish, which stands for ‘little hands’ or ‘handyman’, reflects the skills a person has to create everything with his bare hands and, we believe, it was necessary to recognize their role.

How does it work?

We will monthly publish a bike review of a previously selected bicycle. We will thoroughly inspect how it was built, its dynamics, and behavior in all the situations. Besides, we will describe and show every single detail that makes an exceptional bike out of it.

We will also take into account the aesthetic aspect, its paintwork, the build, and the finishing touches that result in pieces worth of a world-class museum.

By the end of the year, we will announce the chosen framebuilder and recognize his talented work. In addition to that, other surprises will be eventually unveiled along the way.

If you are a framebuilder and you think this award belongs to you, do not doubt in getting in touch with us through info@rawcyclingmag.com

Photos by: Brazo de Hierro

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