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Rapha Women’s 100 by Doménica. 100km vs. 100 women

A few weeks ago, we were with the girls from Doménica in Barcelona, ​​accompanying them in a great and very well-organized event related to the Rapha Women’s 100 movement and in which they bet to go a step further and decided to gather 100 women cyclists to do 100 kilometres in one day. Without a doubt, a challenge!

We spoke with Marta, one of the key pieces of the Doménica project and the main guilty that everything was perfect and that the event was a resounding success.

Explain us with your words about #RaphaWomens100

“Rapha Women’s 100 is an event created a few years ago by the Rapha brand that aims to promote women cycling. The event consists of promoting that women cyclists from different corners of the world come together in their cities or regions to ride together for 100 km. It is a free event, any person or collective can promote the activity in the locality.”

When do you decide to set up an event like this?

“One of the main objectives of Doménica is the promotion of women cycling. For this reason, since we opened, we are creating events that aim, on the one hand, that girls meet other cycling girls and, on the other hand, motivate those who have not yet tried with this sport. Some of the Doménica’s workers had already participated in previous editions of the Rapha Women’s 100, this year we decided that we wanted to be the promoters of the activity in the city of Barcelona and we got in touch with the brand. The Head of Europe quickly became interested in our initiative and provided us with the necessary tools to promote it. As soon as we were clear that we were going to promote the activity, we thought … and why not join 100 women to cover 100 kilometres? And so, it began all.”

What does it mean for you that 100 women decide to encourage themselves to complete this challenge?

“For us the meaning that so many women have been interested in this event is clear, the women cyclist exists, is a reality and more and more women are encouraged by this sport. For us this is a very important fact since we have opened a cycling shop specializing in women and see so many women motivated and excited to be part of a challenge, that shows us that our commitment to female cycling is a total success.

The fact that the most of them reached it, it’s amazing and shows that all of them were conscious of the effort to achieve the challenge and they were all involved, training the previous weeks of the event and assuming the compromise.” 

Due to the appearance of Domenica and the effort you are making to grow the use of the bike among women (in all their disciplines), they themselves are encouraged to do things, organize routes and support movements like this. What do you think of all these synergies that are emerging?

“Precisely these synergies are the ones we have been looking for from the beginning. Our intention in creating all these events is for remaining the women meet-up to practice this sport. That’s why we have facilitated platforms such as our Strava Domenica_Womancycling Club where women promote hangouts and rides between them. In addition, through our social networks, where we post photos of all the rides and events that we are doing, we are encouraging other girls to take the bike and ride. We are showing the most social and beautiful part of cycling and this is encouraging more girls to pedal.”

Actions for the future? Anything in mind?

“Yes, there are several actions in mind, one of which is to bring a group of 30 women to the next edition of the Titan Desert … Pretty soon all the details;)”