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Angel Heaven: From titanium powder to a high-end multi-purpose frame

After years of work and a constant process of relentless improvement, the custom bike builders ANGEL Cycle Works have unveiled their latest bike, which they have named Heaven. This release redefines the possibilities of titanium, offering a high-end product made exclusively in Spain that will compete with the best on the market. Heaven is not a single bike but three in one, and its use only depends on its configuration, allowing you to tackle road races, gran fondo rides, or soft gravel tracks.

A technology with infinite possibilities

The secret of this new model lies in combining the precision of manual welding with the immense possibilities of 3D printing. Thus, through 3D manufacturing technology, they have been able to create parts, lines, angles, and geometries that are not achievable with conventional steel welding and can only be matched by carbon fiber. At the same time, this has made it possible to create a bike that stands out in all its senses for its lightness, efficiency, reactivity, stiffness, and appearance.

3D printing not only allows the material to be deposited where it is necessary, which allows for example to reduce weight by eliminating oversized parts but also to make parts with a high level of tolerance and precision, resulting in a perfect fit with the components and a noise-free bike. Furthermore, as should be the case with customizable bicycles, the size and geometry of the frame will be perfectly adapted to the cyclist who acquires it. Needless to mention, the frame exhibits smooth lines where the welds would be and the round traditional tubes become natural and harmonious sections in a continuous manner.

A great challenge: the Heaven Door

Perhaps one of the aspects that stands out the most about Heaven is the HD (Heaven Door) rear dropouts. These have two holes just 2.5 cm apart but they completely change the behavior of the bike. The 40 cm chainstay configuration fits up to a 30 mm tire (in 700c) while extending the frame to 42.5 cm allows up to 38 mm tires. So, this allows us to determine whether we want a reactive bike for racing or we prefer a more relaxed geometry that allows us to even get into smooth gravel tracks.

The biggest challenge of this system has been the disc brakes, already established in the current industry. By moving the wheel forward and backward the position of the disc will vary with respect to the brake caliper and will cause them to collide. At the design level, this movement of the support, forward or backward, produced a chain of irremediable inconveniences at the geometry level and collisions between the different elements. However, with ingenuity and dedication, they have found a solution with HD adapters that allow 140 mm and 160 mm discs to be installed in either of the two positions on the rear axle.

Every detail counts

Even the smallest detail has been considered in the conception of Heaven. First of all, we can highlight the absence of any visible cables, including brakes and shifting. The headset has been conceived as an innovative point in which a triple support design achieves a more natural touchpoint of the bearings with the frame and a perfect alignment of all the steering elements.

In addition, we find a seat clamp that is a continuation of the top tube towards the seatstays with a completely hidden clamping bolt. It is intended to be used with the custom carbon and titanium seatpost but will accept any 27.2mm diameter seatpost. Other points to highlight are the bottom bracket, which has been printed with the utmost precision so that the press fit system does not move even a micrometer, providing a neater look and obvious strength to the structure.

With all this, Angel‘s Heaven is a piece of art. It represents a fully customizable bike, from geometry to paint job, which can be purchased only as a frameset or as a complete assembly. Like every custom bike, it will adapt to the cyclist, but at the same time, it will also adapt to the terrain and situation, always offering maximum performance in style.