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Campagnolo presents: Bora Ultra WTO

One of the elements that highlights the bike components brand Campagnolo over the rest is its characteristic way of developing its products, faithful to the tradition, quality, and good work of the historic Italian firm. Those who have ever had the opportunity to try any of Campagnolo’s high-end products will undoubtedly acknowledge the great features, finishes, and level of performance they provide to the user.

A clear example of this are the Bora wheels. On this occasion, the brand with headquarters in Vicenza, Italy, presents the new Bora Ultra WTO (Wind Tunnel Optimized) series, a premium wheelset for disc brakes only and available for rim profiles of 33, 45, and 60 mm.

The redesign of this model, after almost three years of study and development, has brought very significant improvements in terms of aerodynamics, stiffness, and weight. The weight of these wheelset starts from the 1.385g for the 33 mm version).

Among the changes that have been introduced in this evolution, we would like to highlight the Mo-Mag ™ technology, patented by Campagnolo. This improvement allows a cleaner and more efficient airflow thanks to the use of aerodynamic nipples built into the rim which are claimed to be easy to maintain, together with the elliptical spokes, also aerodynamic, that the brand produces itself.

Additionally, they have manufactured a new ultralight carbon fiber rim ring and include hubs with CULT (Campagnolo Ceramic Ultimate Level Technology) bearings, which have now been aerodynamically optimized for frictionless rotation and speed. No high-end Campagnolo wheel would be complete without the signature G3 design. An asymmetric system, optimized for disc brakes, that improves power transfer and reduces stress during sprints and in the event of hard braking.

Leaving aside the more technical aspects of these fantastic wheels, we now put the focus on the more aesthetic part, where the Campagnolo team has also done a great job. The elegant iridescent copper signature logo decorates the rim and wheel hub with a subtle and timeless effect that makes this wheel truly unique.

Photos: Campagnolo archives

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