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Easton Overland 2021: SAD from the lens of TEARS

It has been more than one year since the global pandemic started. This has forced the way we envision the world and, consequently, the way we ride. Cyclists and other athletes around the world have been adapting to ever-changing conditions, a situation that seems to constantly change. For many, the only way to cope with this has been extreme social distancing and solo time, either riding alone on the home trainer at home or parting in remote places to surround ourselves around nature.

The guys from Easton, a North American company that specialized in high-end wheels and bike components, created the Overland Special Activities Division (SAD). This group of cycling explorers continues their solo gravel adventures researching incredible spots to bring their findings to the world. A mission to bring hope and a brighter future to everyone.

In the Easton Overland 2021 movie, the TEARS team (Team Engagement and Rider Support) composed of Linnaea, Nicholas, and Matt, went out to try to find the members of SAD and discover their whereabouts. The short is a parody with the characteristic style of Wes Anderson, briefly featuring each one of the riders from the binoculars of the TEARS team. So, you will feel like Bill Murray in Life Aquatic or Moonrise Kingdom but this time on the gravel movie Easton Overland 2021.

Currently, SAD is formed by:

  • Amity Rockwell – Pinarello Grevil
  • Adam Kachman – Orbea Terra
  • Caitlin Bernstein – Devinci Hatchet
  • Caroline Dezendorf – Cervelo Aspero
  • Craig Richey – Devinci Hatchet
  • Emily Cheng – Thesis OB1
  • Michael Van Den Ham – Giant Revolt
  • Matt Lieto – Cervelo Aspero

Who all have their special weapon of discovery to ride into the unknown.

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