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Easton’s BC Bike Race Gravel Recap: #isthisgravel?

Exciting courses and picturesque landscapes are what the participants of the BCBR Gravel Explorer found in the surroundings of Penticton, Naramata, and Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada). Multi-stage gravel races are not usual, but the organizers of BCBR manage to put together an amazing event that will become a must in every gravel-racer calendar.

If only some days ago we were talking to you about how the event went, describing the unreal chosen region and the whole atmosphere around the course. Now, we would like to share with you what the guys from Easton Cycling, as well as the rest of the participants, lived in the first person.

The Easton Cycling team was excited to tag along on the inaugural BCBR Gravel and they brought some off-road talent along with them. Amity Rockwell represented the Easton Overland team, the special division in charge of discovery and extreme testing of Easton components, and Sammi Runnels and Lucas Strain of the Easton-supported CNCPT Team were there as well. From their experience, we can watch what the event looked like in the movie ‘From the Field: BC Bike Race Gravel Recap – #isthisgravel?’.

In the film, we can see what turned out to be an incredible week of racing, with comments from the participants, the organizers, and the team manager. Not only can we enjoy the open, wide, and green landscape but also, we can get a closer idea of what the terrain looked like in each one of the five stages. Every day was different, with rolling sections of tarmac, technical single tracks, paths through the woods, special features like footbridges on trunks, and even walk-a-bike sections. All the necessary conditions to enjoy a pure and unique event surrounded by keen gravel fellows.

So, whether you are considering repeating, signing up for the next edition, or just want to get a better insight of what the race looked like, take a moment, and discover the beauty of gravel-riding around the South Okanagan Valley in British Columbia (Canada).

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