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Kask Wasabi: The all-weather multi-use helmet

Large cycling brands usually test their prototypes and models with their sponsored athletes and ambassadors before selling them commercially. In doing so, they both gain immediate feedback from riders who put the material to the ultimate challenges and give some hints to a public who is also eager to know what will be the next big upgrade on their ride. This is the strategy Kask followed before releasing their latest cycling helmet Wasabi.

The Italian helmet brand, which not only specializes in cycling but in other sports like skiing or horse riding, allowed the pro cycling team INEOS Grenadiers to test this model at the beginning of the season. The first time we were able to see it in a competition was during the Strade Bianche, but le Tour de France was really the place to show off and test in all weather conditions and racing situations.

The helmet keeps the same overall roundish shape as the other most known models of the brand, Valegro, Protone, and Utopia. Despite that, it is not presented as a mixture of these but a totally new concept coming from Kask’s experience making it perfect for all riding conditions. Its surface is mostly flat but, on the front, there are two large vents that allow the air to flow towards the rear where the air can easily escape. This system of front and rear vents allows a proper channeling of the airflow, providing a fresh sensation on the hottest days.

The most remarkable feature of the helmet is that these airflow vents are completely adjustable. The riders, by simply moving a screen up and down, can graduate the level of comfort they require. Thus, as the apertures are closed, the helmet changes to a totally aero configuration and it keeps the head more isolated in bad weather conditions. It is said that by opening the vent, only one watt of power is lost when riding at 50 km/h (tested on a wind tunnel). Also, on very cold days or as rain suddenly catches you on your weekend rides, you can just close the centralized vent, which will provide you with a temperature increase of 1.5 ºC. The temperature protection is also enhanced by an internal merino wool lining that isolates from both heat and cold.

The helmet provides a perfect fit thanks to the several available sizes and the Octo Fit adjusting system with a rubber micro-dial so that you can easily adjust the helmet to your head in one simple gesture. This, as well as the reduced weight of 290g (M size) and the leather chinstrap, make this helmet very comfortable.

All of that said, the helmet has been tested by the highest standards in Kask’s facilities, successfully passing the KASK WG11 Rotational Test that ensures impact security in crashes that have increased friction.

With these features, the helmet is guaranteed to be your life-saving ally and also the perfect companion for all-weather conditions. This means that its use is not limited to one cycling discipline but, on the contrary, extended to all of them. You will be able to ride fast road-racing events boosted by its aerodynamics, take part in ultra-distance gravel races where weather conditions can change in a matter of minutes, participate in local cyclocross events avoiding the mud getting into your hair, or just discover remote places on your cross country bike.

Photos: KASK

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