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The Art of Cycling: Custom bike gallery in Oslo

We all have our dream bike in mind, and if you are lucky enough it is already at home. This will have a specific frame with a precise wheelset, cockpit, and groupset. Most probably, you cannot directly get this ideal bike from a big retailer but instead, you must have it custom built. With a custom bike, you have the freedom to specifically address every single aspect that you like, from saddle model to tire clearance, frame material, geometry, or brakes type. Therefore, you will own a bike that will clearly match your taste, preferences, and measures. A magical and smooth ride every time you go for a spin.

The people behind The Service Course, now with different shops around Europe (Girona, Wilmslow, Nice, Oslo), have always had this idea in mind and, if you visit them, you will find an exquisite selection of custom bikes, either displayed in place or used for the rides they organize. With the idea of showing these pieces of art, as some of them clearly are, they came up with the Art of Cycling gallery in Oslo. This represented a gathering of brands, bike owners, framebuilders, and influential individuals of the custom bike scene.

The Art of Cycling gallery

At 5:59 pm on the cold dark Monday evening of November 15th, the crew of the Oslo’s shop opened their doors to celebrate the custom bike spirit. The location was not chosen at random but was The Old Library of the Norwegian capital, an iconic and spectacular place surrounded by dark lights and now full of incredible dream builds. For that special occasion, the library felt very welcoming and offered you the chance to do something out of the ordinary in that place. You were invited to enjoy a beer, meet and chat with other people, and taste a delicious and spicy Norwegian BBQ.

Of course, aside from that, the main attraction was a mind-boggling collection of beautiful custom bikes. The majority of those on display had their proud owners among the crowd, happily sharing their stories with one and all about the bike itself and rides they did. Others were exhibits from specific brands that were specifically shown for the occasion. We could see some brands like Enve, Speedvagen, Isen, Argonaut, Curve, Bastion, Belle, Mosaic, Open, Legor, or Stribe. All bicycles featured drop bars, which meant either road or gravel, except a Legor that was built as a commuter, even featuring a front rack. All builds were superb, from the metallic or matte paint jobs with infinite details, to the choice of each and every single component.

In view of the success and beauty of the event, we should not forget about the gravel ride that took place the previous Sunday 14th. Despite the cold, tens of riders joined to see the bikes in action. The day was cloudy but they could enjoy the magical scenery through the gravel paths, even if the beauty of the bikes was gradually hidden by the mud and casual snow. Nonetheless, some might say this is how they look the best. After the incredible ride and the mud, the bikes had to be properly cleaned to be displayed in Monday’s gallery so that attendants could appreciate every single detail.